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  1. This is great information. My only concern is that it should be noted that while fat gets a bad rap, it’s actually important for the body. Eating coconut is a great way to be healthy but other fates should also be consumed in moderation. The reason why is that coconut oil, since it is primarily comprised of MCFA’s, does not contain all of the essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that the body needs. Not getting all of those can be very detrimental. Just some food for thought. 😉

  2. THANK YOU for this amazing information.

    Quick questions - I've been making coconut oil suppositories (about 1 tablespoon coconut oil & 3 drops tea tree oil) to help cure BV (I found this to be more effective than soaking a tampon in it). My question is- Is it safe to do this before going to bed at night?

    Thanks, again! I love coconut oil & coconut cream and have used it for years!

    • Hi Zina, I'm not sure whether the suppositories you make is safe for you since I don't know how BV would react to the mixture of tea tree oil and coconut oil.

      Sorry for not able to give you sound advice on this. But I do hope it works safely for you. Thanks for your input, by the way.

  3. I have my mom 1 tsp of cocomct with her morning coffee this morning. She's had I don't know how many trips to the bathroom already, and this last one at 5:30 pm was pretty bad (did not quite make it to the bathroom.) I have her the same 1 tsp yesterday and nothing. Am afraid she's done trying cocomct.
    Is this what caused her diarrhea?

    • Hi Jojo, caffeine has a laxative potential. And when coupled with coconut oil (even with just 1 teaspoon), they can generate quite a powerful bowel-loosening impact. But this probably shows a good sign – your mom is not having a sluggish bowel. I said this because some people tried mixing 2 tablespoons into their coffee but their bowels only managed to move a little.

      If you're trying to encourage your mom to take coconut oil for health benefits, then tell her to add to her food rather than to caffeine-containing beverages like coffee or tea.

    • Hi Flora, this Vatica brand seems to only produce coconut oil for hair rather than for consumption. Does the label of the one in your hand now say anything that this coconut oil is edible? If not, I suggest you go get a decent coconut oil for consumption.

      For your info, coconut oil that is made for skin or hair care usually has not passed the quality assurance to be sold as food.

  4. In your article "27 Tips to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for Life", you talk and emphasize about eating breakfast. Can you explain how this contradicts the ketogenic diet and why people skip breakfast because of this diet for supposedly positive reasons and results?

    • Hi Helen, as far as I know, ketogenic diet does not really encourage skipping breakfast. But it does promote intermittent fasting, not everyday fasting. And the fasting goes with the preference of the dieters, some prefer to skip breakfast while others, lunch. Breakfast is the easiest, in general.

      Skipping breakfast is meant to drive the body faster into ketosis where the body will start burning stored fat (there will be some muscle loss too).

      I don't advocate skipping breakfast for weight loss as metabolism is the ultimate key to losing weight effectively. But I do encourage people to sometimes fast in the morning to give their body a longer "resting time", provided you're feeling great doing the fasting, not feeling miserable till you almost tear your hair out that kind.

      Sometimes people might overeat at dinner, so the following morning they still have remnants of food inside their guts to keep them moving, and this is the best time to skip breakfast. I do it once in a blue moon when I tend to eat a little bit more the previous night.

      Bottom line, as long as it doesn't hurt your health, by all means.