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  1. Hi Soon,
    Are you familiar with the "Just Organic" brand of vco sold in Aldi stores in Australia? I have been using it for oil pulling but then started taking it internally. I started taking about 2 tablespoons per day and it really knocked me around and made me feel like death - extreme lethargy, foggy thinking and jaw pain, believe it or not. I had to stop for a few days. Too much, too soon and a high toxin load to deal with, probably.
    This product is from Sri Lanka, and is described as "extra-virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives" and it is NOT expensive, (glass jar, 300g, AUD$5.00), but is it healthy? It DOES NOT say "Free of Chemicals", "No Hexane" or "Hexane-Free" on the label, so that's an unknown.
    Due to the reaction I had, I'm concerned about the possible use of hexane. I'm hoping this Aldi version is a healthy product variety because it is affordable for me and I wish to also give it to my elderly mother. I don't want to pay health store premiums. If it is cold-pressed, does this negate the need to use hexane in the extraction process?
    Please let me know if you are familiar with the brand and if you think that their failure to mention hexane should be a red-flag for me.
    Thank you very much for sharing your extensive knowledge of the subject.

    Kind Regards,
    Stuart Maier.

    • Hi Stuart, I'm not familiar with that brand, so sorry. How does it taste and smell like?

      If it's odorless, then it's not really a virgin coconut oil. If it does taste and smell like coconut, but without some smokey stench, then you're getting quite a nice bang for the buck since a good quality virgin coconut oil would cost double the price of that "Just Organic" brand.

      By right, cold-pressed mechanical extraction should not involve the use of hexane. But the thing is, this brand does not provide more info on its label. So, either you give them the benefit of the doubt and take their word for it and believe that it's truly a cold-pressed oil, or to stay on the safe side, pick another brand.

      I personally would doubt this and will go with other brands that at least I can find more info on the web. I would not want to risk giving that to my beloved family.

      My experience tells me that some companies are not honest in their claims, as far as coconut oil manufacturing is concerned.

      By the way, if you ever get another brand which is really a true quality, start it slow to allow your body to adapt to the oil's effect.

  2. Hello sir,
    Myself pushpa I m taking 2 tspoon of virgin coconut oil with hot water in empty stomuch .. is it the right way for weight loss or need to take before meals?

  3. Hi. I just started taking 2tbsp coconut oil. 1tbsp cook for lunch and 1tbsp for dinner. I cook it both with chicken. During the 2nd day i woke up i feel short breath and heat sensation (hot flashes). 3rd day i tried to jog and my heart feels so heavy because of the shortness of breath. I got tired quicker. I usually jog 20-30min without any problem. I couldn't continue on the third day so i decided to stop. Is shortness of breath normal? will the symptoms go away?

    Note, the reason i decided to take coconut oil is to improve my cholesterol level. Total 2.9 (0.0-5.2) . HDL 0.7 (1.0-1.5). LDL 1.9 (0.0-3.4). Ratio Cholesterol HDL 4.1 (0.0-4.5). Triglycerides 0.70 (0.00-1.60). I also have low testosterone and under active thyroid.

    • Hi Rahim, are you on thyroid medication since you said you have underactive thyroid?

      If yes, coconut oil can induce an increase of heartbeat due to its metabolism-boosting effect. This in turn can trigger shortness of breath. Speak with your doctor about adjusting your medication to complement the metabolism-boosting effect of coconut oil. Coconut oil can help improve low thyroid.

      In the meantime, instead of 2 tablespoons per day, reduce it to 2 teaspoons per day and work up your intake from there, gradually.

      It could also be the cumulative effect of toxins from meat consumption. Add more greens (dark leafy that type) to your diet and cut back on your meat intake. Your cholesterol levels will definitely improve.

  4. Hi, I am 82 and have been diagnosed with early dementia that will progress to become Altzheimer in a couple of years. I have read an article about finding that village people in India do not develop Dementia thanks to their regular use of Coconut oil. Other articles dismiss that connection. Are there any truly authoritative studies of the effects of Coconut oil on Dementia?
    Leah D.

    • Hi Leah, Alzheimer's has been called "Type 3 Diabetes" (not official yet) because brain cells are resistant to insulin (similar to that of diabetes) and hence, fail to absorb adequate glucose to support brain activities.

      It is true that people who eat coconut oil regularly do not develop dementia easily. They don't get diabetes easily too since the compounds in coconut oil are easily absorbed by our body cells without implicating insulin.

      Some people have got their early diabetes reversed. Of course, the more severe it is, the longer it will take to reverse. Same goes for dementia.

      Many people rely heavily on studies in order to believe. You should try it out on your own rather than listening to varying opinions from those who cannot even make heads or tails out of using coconut oil as they don't even use it themselves.

      If it so happens that coconut oil couldn't help improve your dementia after a few months of consumption, at least you'll have your immunity boosted so that you don't fall sick easily. You've got nothing to lose.

      But please start out slowly as coconut oil may trigger diarrhea, especially you're already 82. That can be pretty taxing for you if you have to keep running to the bathroom.

  5. Hi. Ive had my first vaginal yeast infection for about two months now after being injected with intravenously with something for allergies. I have tried over the counter medincines which did not work. I even tried garlic. Now im trying vco.I have inserted virgin coconut oil on a homemade tampon for two nights now. My period is three days away so i may have to stop treatment till its over because i dont use regular tampons for periods. I use pads. Anyway, when i insert the vco overnight, I get a pain in my lower tummy right above my vaginal hair area. Is this normal? The thing is I dont smoke, drink, i have intercourse with one man, my husband, who does not have infection. I hardly ever eat out and food I eat at home is mostly bread (which has mostly dead yeast) or food with not too much sugar, but enough to taste it. So i dont know why I still have this thing. Its worrying and im hoping this symptom im getting is normal and one less thing to worry about.

      • Hi Lesly, I am not sure why you were feeling the pain in the lower tummy when you left the tampon overnight. Could it be that you left it in your body for too long?

        Some people say soak it for 8 hours. But if that gives you pain, then you should try 2 hours or shorter, and see how it goes. Re-apply as often as you deem fit.

        You should eat less bread. It's not necessarily that you have to consume sugar to feed the yeast. Bread made from white flour contains primarily carbohydrates. Carbohydrate (carb) will turn to glucose upon digestion and this is what the yeast fungi love. Excessive consumption of carb over time can cause an overgrowth of yeast and trigger an infection. That explains why you're infected with yeast since you eat mostly bread.

        You need to cut down on your intake of carb. In the meantime, you need to balance up your diet by replacing the lost calorie from reducing carb with coconut oil so that you will have adequate energy to keep you going. At the same time, doing so can help to deal with the yeast inside out and clear up the infection faster.