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  1. Hello,
    I have been ingesting coconut oil, 1-2 tbs, throughout the day for 2 weeks. I intend to increase to 3 to 4tbs daily. I workout daily achieving 10,000+ steps a day, and eat a healthy low carb, low fat diet. The coconut oil has greatly improved my digestive system with only 2 days of detox symptoms initially.

    My concern is that I have noticed a 5 lb increase in my weight from 2 weeks ago. I had 20 lbs to lose and now 25lbs. What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you

  2. Hi. Love this article. Do you think fractionated coconut oil is better for hydrating dry, frizzy hair than ordinary coconut oil? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. Bern

    • Hi Bernadette, fractionated coconut oil doesn't hydrate your dry, frizzy hair. It merely helps to lock the water in your hair, keeping it moisturized. That said, you need to drink more water to keep your hair (as well as skin) moisturized. In my opinion, fractionated coconut oil feels smoother on hair than ordinary coconut oil because it is lighter.

        • Hi Hamran, it should work for you as long as it's virgin coconut oil. Extra-virgin coconut oil is no different from virgin coconut oil, unlike olive oil that has official grades (extra-virgin is better quality than virgin and so on).

          But I gotta remind you that it's more effective to apply virgin coconut oil to your skin in the mid of your chicken pox so that when the blisters or rashes are gone your skin won't sink in so deeply to cause indented scars. If your scars have been there for months or even years and now you're trying to level your skin with coconut oil, the effect of "pushing up" the indented scars may not be that good. But if you merely want to fade off the discolored marks, then it should help you better.

  3. Soon, This is indeed a great site.

    Thank You very much for the invaluable advice which you have generously provided.

    Thanks to everybody who has contributed in the discussions.

    • I'm so sorry, Archana. No matter how busy I was, I shouldn't have overlooked your query. I tried my best to make sure no stones are left unturned when responding to comments. But the fact is, I goofed. I feel you and I sincerely apologize for holding you up for six months. Very, very sorry about that.

      Answering your question...

      You can make fractionated coconut oil at home provided you have the necessary apparatus for hydrolysis, fractional distillation and esterification.