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  1. Hi. I have been taking coconut oil capsules for the two weeks now but am for the last one week to today I have been having diarrhoea like five to six times a day. I am worried is it normal or can I do something about it. Please advise me.

    • Hi Susan, first of all, when you say you have diarrhea like 5 – 6 times a day, how long are the intervals between diarrhea?

      If the intervals are short like within an hour, then it's probably diarrhea. But if your bowel movements spread out in terms of hours, then it's actually normal for regular coconut oil eaters. I have 3 – 5 bowel movements (I take fruits and lots of veggies as well) every day and I feel perfectly fine.

      Another thing is, how many coconut oil capsules are you ingesting per day?

      One capsule normally contains only 1 g (1000 mg) of coconut oil, which is very little – only 1/14 tablespoon. You must swallow 14 pills to get a tablespoon. And one tablespoon of coconut oil may or may not cause the runs. Results vary among people. Are you taking the same amount of coconut oil for that two weeks, or you actually increase the amount in the second week?

      Also, did you change the way you ingest coconut oil pills like taking them on an empty stomach? This can stimulate your bowels making the "side effect" out of eating coconut oil even more intense.

      If you're afraid of having so many bowel movements since you barely have two or more per day most of the time, then lower your consumption of coconut oil pills. And from there slowly work up the intake to the amount at which you find most acceptable and comfortable. And keep in mind to never take coconut oil on an empty stomach.

  2. I suffer from bacteria vaginosis and thrush I was told to use organic coconut oil with a tampon for a few hours and clean the area with warm water and after brushing my teeth use the oil on my toungue and rinse since doing that I have devolepled green stool and no voice with cough and congestion what should I do

    • Hi Rachael, are you taking lots of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, collard greens or broccoli or others at the same time you're treating your bacterial vaginosis? These greens contain plenty of chlorophyll that can turn your poop green. Of course, there might be other factors like ingesting prescribed antibiotics that remove gut bacteria, which are the ones that give your stool its characteristic brown hue.

      As for being voiceless and having cough and congestion, I strongly recommend you to consult a doctor as these might indicate the occurrences of other infections since BV can lower your overall immunity.

    • Hi Deb, pulling with coconut oil shouldn't cause diarrhea unless you swallow the entire mixture instead of spitting it out after oil-pulling.

      If you're worried about the diarrhea effect, you can try to oil-pull with just a teaspoon of coconut oil and see how it goes. Then, increase to 2 teaspoons in your next round and so on. I usually oil-pull with one tablespoon but have never gotten any diarrhea effect so far.

      • Iri Soon,

        I have recently started doing oil pulling with coconut oil. I might have inhaled a little bit in the process. Now I’m having diarrhoea.

        Diarrhoea has lasted for few days and now it’s getting better but stomach cramps & grumbling is not going away.

  3. Do you recommend the use of coconut oil for children? Any suggestions for dosage or best ways for kids to ingest? My daughter is 8 and her doctor would like us to use Miralax for 2 months (!) but I'm not comfortable with that..
    Thanks for your thoughts...

    • Hi Rachel, coconut oil is generally safe for consumption for all ages.

      Yes, it's good for children too. But just in case your daughter might be allergic to it (though coconut oil allergy is extremely rare – at least I have not heard of it so far), I suggest that you rub a dab of the oil on the inside of her elbow area first and observe for any allergic reaction on skin.

      If nothing happens to her after a day (waiting this long is to play safe), then begin adding half a teaspoon of the oil to her food. Normally, I would suggest starting with half tablespoon, but that's for adults.

      Starting with just a small amount of coconut oil is to make sure your daughter's body does not adversely react to the consumption of coconut oil the first time.

      Additionally, this can help to condition her body for the potent detox effect of coconut oil.

      After 4 hours or so if she's good with the oil, then you increase the intake for her like 1 teaspoon for every meal. After 3 days then up the intake to 2 teaspoons per meal.

      You can also cook with coconut oil. In fact, cooking food with coconut oil is the easiest way to take coconut oil internally for constipation. If you're a raw vegan, then of course simply pour the oil over your raw diet.

      But bear in mind not to let your daughter take coconut oil straight on an empty stomach because this might lead to diarrhea or nausea.

      Simply put, there's no specific dosage for anyone since each of us may react differently to coconut oil.

      That's why you have to gradually build up the intake in a progressive manner to find the "biting point" such that it will help you move bowels regularly but at the same time you're comfortable with it without feeling too taxing by running to the bathroom too often.

      Does your daughter like juice or smoothie? You can add coconut oil to these raw beverages too for her. You can even spread it on bread... many different ways to consume coconut oil.

      Oh, the quality of coconut oil also plays a critical role in how strong the detox effect will be. So, please choose ONLY organic virgin coconut oil because this is the best type of coconut oil for both detox and health benefits.

      • Thank you so much for your thorough response! We will definitely try this. I will cook with it and try the smoothie idea - at the same time we're trying to eliminate dairy so it's been a tough few days! Thank again...

        • You're welcome, Rachel. You can easily eliminate dairy with the replacement of soy milk (if you're not allergic to soy), almond milk, rice milk or other plant-based milks. And you can just add coconut oil to these milks and stir well, it tastes pretty good.

          I had my multigrain soy milk with virgin coconut oil for breakfast this morning. Very nice. Of course the oil does not mix well with the milk, but it works to give an extra boost to your energy and health. 😉

          • Try coconut milk. It's delicious!!! I have been drinking it for several months since I found out that the soy was causing my hormones to fluctuate. I did not know that soy did that. "They (several different articles that I've read on the subject) also say that giving girls too much soy in their diet can cause the girls to develop larger breasts and have their menstrual cycle much earlier. Neither of these have happened yet in our house, but time will tell...

            • Hi Dani, thanks for sharing what you know. Yes, coconut milk is delicious because of its natural coconut flavor and it does little to fluctuate hormones because it doesn't contain phytoestrogens like soy does. So, it's good for people with fluctuating hormones that trigger acne.

          • I like soy milk, but I read it is not advised for men to consume it, due to it can immitate female hormones and cause them to get tender breast or actual breast growth. For boys I rather use almond milk or coconut milk.

            • Hi Angie, that seems to be the case. I like drinking soy milk too. I drink them almost every day. I take tofu very often because I'm a vegetarian. But I don't have man boobs.

              Men in Korea and Japan consume lots of soy in their diets but we never see them having man boobs unless that person is fat. Women in those two countries also consume many soy products, but many don't seem to have big breasts.

    • Hi Rachel I just wanted to let you know that my son gets a half a teaspoon of coconut oil per slice of toast each morning! He's 12, and thinks he knows everything...but not that I mix it up with the Nutella!! It's really good!

  4. Hi. Ever since I started to take coconut oil (Virgin) vitamins/pills (1000mg), I've noticed that I get chills at night right when I go to bed. Is chills a side effect of coconut oil?

    • Hi Ana, getting chill after eating virgin coconut oil is pretty unheard of. Feeling chilly is one of the many symptoms of Candida die-off. But usually when the yeasts die, it'll couple with nausea, constipation, abdominal pain, dizziness etc. So, it might not be a Candida die-off for your case.

      Virgin coconut oil helps to increase metabolism and hence, produce heat (thermogenesis). I wonder if you're taking something else on the same day you're taking virgin coconut oil capsules? This could be the real reason you're getting the chill.

      Also, how many pills are you taking per day? 1000 mg in one capsule only provides 1 g of virgin coconut oil. If you take 3 pills per day, that's only 3 g, not even close to one teaspoon. I don't think this amount will cause any side effect from eating virgin coconut oil.