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  1. Hi, wondering if you know if the fractionated type would work in flea repelling and prevention on our dogs or would we need to use regular EVCO? Can't quite tell from the article.

  2. hi Soon,
    Im suffering from acid reflux,for the past one month..had heart burn,burping,throat inflame ,neck pain and some times tongue ulcers..i change my diet totally and starting green veggies on my diet menu..and sometime i used to take ginger mix with warm water and drink it.and now im using aloevera juice it seem to fight acid burping is gone..but sometimes i can feel the burning sensation in my chest and throat....neck and shoulder pain keeps on occuring..
    can you please help me to conquer this ..with a proper advised
    thought of using vco for better result..and im not in any kind of medications..thought of visiting doctor.


    • Hi Danny, the main reason for acid reflux and heartburn could lie very much with your eating habit. Chew your food well to help eat your food slowly. When you eat, fill your stomach to 70 % full only, not 80, 90 or 100 % which you often do so (I guess).

      Eating virgin coconut oil may not help much with your heartburn that is caused by poor eating habit, but it does help improve your immunity and metabolism.

      • Hello,thank you for your worthy are absolutely right about my eating habit.
        I don't know what happen to my stomach for the last 2 days i pass out green STOOL is it a good sign is it that my stomach system is under the process of healing or it is something else..i have this irritate neck pain it goes directly to my head and cause me to feel dizzy and weak is it because of acid reflux before i don't have any neck pain recently i got to cure this..i have no idea what to do..please help me by giving me tips.I shall be grateful to you..Thanks in advance for your wonderful work and help..

        • Hi Danny, I don't think acid reflux has anything to do with your neck pain. It could be some clotting in the blood vessels that cause the pain or you unknowingly hurt it during work? Please go see a specialist regarding your neck pain.

          Meanwhile, you can try to gradually tilt your head back to lift your chin up in the sky which can force blood flow to your head, then lower your chin slowly to almost touch your chest. Perform this neck exercise for 20 times each time you feel the pain and see if it helps to relieve your neck (as well as head) pain. Gently massage your neck too.

          As for your green stool, please refer to Does coconut oil cause green poop?.

    • Hi Sarah, the esterification process that combines medium-chain (caprylic and capric) fatty acids with glycerols to form medium-chain triglycerides may involve the use of dehydrating agent or molecular sieve to catalyze the reaction and remove any unbound water molecules. Because of this, some chemicals from the agent or sieve may seep into the oil. But I believe it's only in trace amount (if it does seep) which should not pose any threat to our health.

      As for what kind of chemical agent or sieve the manufacturer would use, that you'll have to check with them if you happen to buy fractionated coconut oil from them since different manufacturers may use different chemical agents or sieves for esterication. You can take a look at the infographical process of making fractionated coconut oil for some ideas.