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  1. What is your opinion on coconut oil and alzheimers/dementia? My mother is suffering from this terrible disease and my sister and
    I have started giving her coconut oil for a week now. Sometimes I feel it has given her more clarity but other times not. She is taking. 3 TBLS a day with meals and we just increased to a fourth with a snack (nuts) at bedtime. The only thing my sister and I have noticed is an occasional headache and my sister thinks she seems a little weaker. My mother is 83 years old and very healthy except for her failing mind. What I have read is that some think it is like diabetes of the brain and since the liver processes it, the brain can use the mct from the oil much like a diabetic uses insulin. At times she seems like my old mom and then she reverts back into thinking I am just a nice lady. I hear the trick is trying to keep it in her system continually. Have you heard or seen anyone who benefited from the oil for this condition?

    • Yes Vicky, I did hear that some people have had their Alzheimer's condition improved or even reversed. This disease is sometimes called "Type 3 Diabetes" (not an official term though) because it is the brain cells that have turned insensitive to insulin.

      When our brain cells constantly fail to accept glucose from insulin, they'll go hungry slowly and starve to death eventually, which explains for the loss of memory. You were right about the MCT stuff. Coconut oil's MCTs will convert to ketones (aka ketone bodies) that serve as food for the brain cells, without the need for insulin.

      Your mother's headache could be caused by a surge of ketones "jamming" into her brain cells or a detox reaction in her body that causes her to feel weak on and off. I cannot confirm this but based on the amount you have administered on her in just a week (a bit too much for a beginner).

      Usually, I will suggest to increase the intake from 1 tablespoon gradually (over 2 to 3 weeks) to 3 or more tablespoons daily because coconut oil can incur quite a powerful detox response on people.

      Did your mother move bowels easily and frequently upon taking 3 tablespoons for the first week. I hope she did not get the runs. If so, then most of the MCTs have converted to feed her brain (and other cells) rather than stimulating the contractions of her bowel muscles, which I feel it's good news.

      Coconut oil may help to improve dementia. But it's not a magic potion after all. It may require quite some time for people to improve their Alzheimer's condition with coconut oil, of course, depending on the severity of their condition. It's the cumulative negative effect that affects her brain over the years, so she naturally needs some time (probably couple of years) to recover.

      Rome wasn't built in a day. It's still early to conclude whether her condition has improved with coconut oil after merely a week.

      If you need more info about treating Alzheimer's with coconut oil, you can buy this book called Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure?: The Story of Ketones by Dr. Mary Newport. It's about how Dr. Mary treat her husband's Alzheimer's disease with coconut oil.

  2. Hello Soon.
    I am a smoker, a drinker, I eat unhealthy foods and have no normal exercise routine.
    I also have had moderate to sever eczema for the past 7 yrs. It pretty much just came and never went away.

    A friend suggested I try vco, so I ordered some after reading up on some different brands.
    It arrived yesterday and like a big dummy, I dug right in and helped myself to 2 large tablespoons.
    Big mistake. Lots of gas today and diahrea which I am reading is normal.

    My question is do you think that this sudden onset of severe eczema (I require an 80mg injection of kenalog every 3 months to control the severe itching) 7 yrs ago was my body telling me something from all the bad things inside me?

    And if I quit smoking and drinking cold turkey, start eating better and get a regular exercise plan while taking vco, that maybe my skin will clear up?
    I'm 50 now and I can't live like this and want to give 100% and stick with a plan.

    How long will the detox take eating 2 tablespoons per day?

    Please help.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Richard, you are absolutely correct. Rome was not built in a day. You've been abusing your body's natural healing ability until one day it cannot take it anymore and starts to flare eczema on your skin.

      Your skin will definitely improve over time once you stop pumping free radicals and toxic chemicals from both smoking and drinking. Of course, eating better will enhance your overall health since good skin comes from the inside out. But I gotta warn you of the withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking cold turkey due to the nicotine effect.

      Also, please understand that it takes you years to take down your body, so it definitely will take you some time to detoxify your body and help your skin clear up after a major makeover on your lifestyle. In the meantime, you should also apply virgin coconut oil to the affected area. It helps to stop itching and may improve your skin condition. In short, eat virgin coconut oil and use it topically as well.

      Last but not least, you should try to gradually increase your intake of virgin coconut oil to as much as your body can take. Generally, 3 to 4 tablespoons per day. But don't up the intake too fast or you'll get another round of "diarrhea". Allow your body some time to adapt to the detox effect of virgin coconut oil. Don't rush. Take it easy.

  3. Hi,
    I've been using coconut oil from 2-3 weeks now. I'm taking a table spoon in the morning but to be honest, I noticed lately I gained some weight, even if my diet routine didn't change, I still workout as I did before. It makes no sense to me, since coconut oil is promoted as a metabolism enhancer. I think I will stop taking it since I don't see any other improvement.

    • Hi Mihaela, please read up on the burning effect of coconut oil on a person's body.

      Coconut oil also helps to improve nutrient absorption. That means for your case, your nutrient absorption may have improved that helps to enhance your muscle build-up. And you should know that muscle is denser than fat. Weight gain is the possible outcome.

      Which is why some skinny people (severely underweight) after taking coconut oil for some time gain weight and become normal in their BMI.

      Another more likely reason for weight gain for your case is that calorie still counts no matter what you eat. Meaning, if you do not reduce your calorie intake and still stick to the same diet except for adding a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning, then the overall calorie intake for that day could have exceeded what you're supposed to burn, and any excess unused energy is converted to body fat.

      For example, all along your daily intake is 1500 kcal and you burn 1500 kcal through workout. That evens out.

      Now, you add a tablespoon of coconut oil (126 kcal) to your diet in the hope of burning more stored fat. That makes your total intake of calorie become 1626 kcal.

      Okay, coconut oil increases metabolism, right? But different people react differently. If your metabolism only raises a bit, say to the point where it'll burn off 1550 kcal, after simple calculation (1626 – 1550), you're left with the unused 76 kcal. Where will it go to then? Your fat store, of course. Result? You gain fat instead of losing.

      So, you need to cut down on your total daily calorie intake by (in this case) 150 kcal or more, or raise your workout's intensity level and you should see a good drop in your body fat over the next few weeks.

  4. Hi Soon,

    Is it safe to give coconut oil to infants (1-2 years old)? What are the benefits of giving VCO to children? If so, how much should an infant take? Thanks.

    • Hi Doris, coconut oil is generally safe for all ages unless the individual is specifically allergic to the fatty acids in coconut oil (which is very rare).

      VCO helps to strengthen immune system, enhance healing of cells, improve nutrient absorption and protect against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that often attack very young children who are growing and developing their immunity. You can check out the benefits of coconut oil to get a better picture of how it can help your children and your family.

      There's no limit on how much a person can take, even for infants. But to be on the safe side since virgin coconut oil can easily loosen bowels due to its potent detox property, go slow on your infants. Mix one teaspoon of VCO each into their breakfast, lunch and dinner that make up to 1½ teaspoon daily. Keep to this amount for a week and observe for any peculiar reaction. If it looks good and they love it, raise to 2 teaspoons per meal.

      The reason for slowly increasing consumption of virgin coconut oil is to help our body adjust itself to the strong antimicrobial and detox effect of virgin coconut oil. This way we don't get shocked over frequent runs or breakouts of hives or other skin reactions, which are "healing crisis" actually.