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  1. All my life I have averaged 2 lots of flu a year, going into Winter and going into Summer. However the good news is, I haven't had the flu, sore throat or any sign of a cold for the last 3 years. During which time of course my friends have. The only thing I have done different is to have a desert spoon full of coconut cream on my Kornies every morning. I am aged 80.

    • Hi Ian, I long for input like yours because your experience can really help a lot of people to avoid unnecessary ailments. Thank you so much and I hope more people will stand out to share their experience on coconut products so that more people will benefit and stay ill-free. Appreciate your time and effort a lot. 😀

    • I am 69 and nice to hear from an 80 years old , I started using coconut cream , I put it on my rolled oatmeal topped by differrent kind of berries n coconut cream , so delivious , and I did not know thst it is good for lactose intolerance and I am .

  2. Hi, i tried coconut oil even small amount gives me diarrea and eructate like i didn't digest the oil is it normal?, but just clean my bowel and then stop. This kind of diarrhea is bad for our health? if i do it more times this can put my health in risk or just go clean my bowels?

    • Hi Vitor, I guess you drank coconut oil on an empty stomach instead of mixing it into your food, right? If you consume coconut oil this way, yes, it is normal that it loosens bowels. This is detox, to be more specific. It's good for health since it helps to cleanse your intestines. But it could be taxing for seniors and pregnant women especially.

      You can have detox and great health at the same time with coconut oil. Just don't eat coconut oil by itself on an empty stomach, add it to food or cook your food with it.

  3. A few months ago I took a tablespoon of VCO and within a couple of hours I started to feel really ill (fever, brain fog and flu-like symptoms). I also have an underactive thyroid and I'm taking medication for it. Do you think the side-effects was caused by candida die-off or due to my low thyroid? Thank you.

    Forgot to write, that I also had heart palpitations and my thyroid area ached.

    • Hi Rachel, virgin coconut oil boosts metabolism. People with low thyroid have had their conditions reversed after regular consumption of virgin coconut oil for a period. But how long it will take will depend on individuals.

      Like for your case, you need to gradually reduce your thyroid medication while slowly increasing your coconut oil consumption to make sure their combo effect does not overdrive your thyroid causing heart palpitation until it comes to a point where you do not need to rely on the medication anymore.

      The "side effects" you were experiencing (I guess) are probably triggered by a metabolic overdrive. Discuss with your doctor on how to administer your medication now with the intake of coconut oil.

      • Thank you! I will continue to use coconut oil, starting with one teaspoon a day. I'm already on the lowest dose of thyroid medication, so hopefully I will be able to eventually come off it.

  4. Hi, Soon:

    I have been use VCO for more than a month. I slowly increase my intake to 3 times a day, two teaspoons. VCO make my skin smooth , feel less stress. But , now, I only take 2 teaspoon in the morning after meal, and I feel extremely fatigue at work . I almost fall in sleep everyday, is this normally? Give me some advice please

    • Hi Bin, when you changed to taking less virgin coconut oil you started to feel extremely fatigue. That shows the glucose from your food cannot get through to your cells. Do you have diabetes? Please go do a HbA1c test at your family clinic.

      In case you really do, the medium-chain fatty acids in virgin coconut oil can easily pass through the membranes of your cells and provide energy for you, unlike glucose that requires insulin.

  5. Dear Soon Chai,
    I took one spoon of VCO with empty stomach after few hours I got numbness feeling in hand and legs and also very smell from urine. kindly advise.