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  1. I have trouble with Organic extra virgin Coconut Oil, I once uncontrollably filled my boots and jeans up, not funny on a 19klm trip home, the trick appears to not take it on an empty stomach and also get used to it over a coupke of weeks.

  2. Hi
    Would taking few spoons of VCO on empty stomach in the morning cause bad health? I was told it could turn rancid in stomach. I dont know how it will become bad.
    Taking with some food, people say may be ok and it will not make the oil turn rancid.
    Can you help with your advise.

  3. Hi Chai
    I've had Balantis for 2 months now but only started applying coconut oil on the affected areas a month ago and started taking 3 tbl spoons a day 2 weeks ago. In the last week I've got spots on my penis and testicles and a rash all over my body? is this a side effect of the coconut oil and how long does it usually take to work?

    • Hi Darren, having rashes all over your body could stem from the detox effect of coconut oil. It has already started to work as soon as you apply topically or consume it... it's just that its cumulative effect begins to display after some time. It all depends on how toxic your body is before you can see the healing of your rashes and balanitis. If you're worried, stop coconut oil and look for a specialist about your condition.

  4. Can coconut oil help Alzheimer's? My husband was recently diagnosed with the mild stage. If so, how much should I give him?

    • Hi Sylvia, your husband's brain has become insulin resistant. Meaning, insulin has failed to properly transport glucose to his brain cells, causing his brain cells to starve, degenerate and die. But fortunately, your husband's case is still mild. Taking coconut oil every day should help to stop the progression of the disease, or even improve the condition a bit.

      That's because a fraction of medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil will convert to ketones (food for brain cells) upon consumption. These ketones do not require insulin to enter cells. Hence, they're not affected by insulin resistance. Which is why diabetics are able to improve their condition with regular consumption of coconut oil... same principle behind.

      There's no limit on how much coconut oil your husband should take for Alzheimer's. The more, the merrier. But for a start, please only begin with adding a teaspoon each to his breakfast, lunch and dinner. That makes up to 3 teaspoons or one tablespoon per day.

      The reason for starting out slow and small in quantity is to avoid potential diarrhea caused by eating too much coconut oil. Coconut oil is good at stimulating bowel movement. So, spread out the amount, always.

      Make sure he's comfortable with the amount for a few days before increasing another teaspoon or tablespoon. However, coconut oil's beneficial effect can easily get offset by the wrong type of food he eats. So, it makes perfect sense to improve his diet as well.

      You might want to get Dr. Mary Newport's book called Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure?: The Story of Ketones. It's about her experience in using coconut oil to treat her husband's Alzheimer's disease and how her husband's condition improved.