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  1. Have been taking virgin coconut capsules for 6 weeks, everything has been fine, I feel really well and my cholesterol has come down from 6.3 to 5.7 but I am having rather painful leg pain, is this normal or should I stop taking them as it is really painful

    I take 4 a day and the make is perfectly pure, the pain is in my calves, I can only take capsules as I don't like coconut thankyou

    • Hi Mrs Barnard, this doesn't seem like the work of virgin coconut oil capsules. It's more likely a muscle ache or cramp that you could have sustained somehow during or post workout or something else. Think back on what you've done in the past few days that could have hurt your legs.

      • I stopped taking them and 2 days later the pain in my legs was a lot better so tried them again the next day and the pain returned so it seems it is them, I have vericose veins so maybe my blood was too thick while taking them

        • Hi Mrs Barnard, I seriously couldn't make any sense out of coconut oil causing that pain in your legs at first. But when you said you got varicose veins, then probably the reason for that is due to coconut oil's beneficial effect on blood circulation. As varicose veins are contorted due to faulty valves, they promote abnormal blood flow causing the veins to swell. So when coconut oil improves blood circulation, this increased flow of blood (and hence, pressure against the walls of veins) could have aggravated the discomfort and pain.

          But 4 grams of coconut oil daily can cause that pain, I feel that's too amazing. (Each cap holds only 1000 mg, which is only 1 gram.) What I mean is, so little coconut oil yet so powerful in its effect. Still pretty hard to believe. But come to think of it, cumulative effect from coconut oil isn't impossible.

          Another possibility we shouldn't rule out is that the ingredients that are used to make the softgels. If the softgels are not made of plant origin, then it could contain residues of antibiotics and hormones, plus diseased animal tissues. These stuff are not easy to get rid of by our system. And when they accumulate to a certain degree, they can cause haywire to our system. Your varicose veins may get worse due to these toxic accumulation.

          • Thanks for the advice! The capsule is made from gelatine and glycerine so I thought it would be ok, do I keep taking them and go through the pain barrier if it will get better or stop taking them, what do you think, I don't want to do myself any harm , thankyou

            • Hi Mrs Barnard, I strongly recommend taking virgin coconut oil that's packed in jar. I mean, you don't have to eat it straight from it (I find that disgusting too), but rather, you can add to your food or beverages, or cook your food with it. It's very tasty.

              You probably have some cooking oil in your kitchen, just replace that with coconut oil and you're done. But if you can't stand the natural coconut aroma in the virgin oil, you can go with the refined RBD coconut oil which is odorless but yet provide almost the same great benefits for both your health and skin.

              If you consume coconut oil out of jar, you probably won't experience that pain in your varicose veins if it is really due to the toxic softgels rather than coconut oil itself. In fact, I've heard people having their varicose veins improved after daily application of coconut oil to their skin. Of course, individual results will vary depending on how twisted the veins are.

              If you simply don't like eating coconut oil that way, then the next option for you would be virgin coconut oil in vegan capsules. Which will cost a little higher since the softgels are made from plant-based ingredients that are a lot safer to consume.

              Actually, there's an implicit risk in taking coconut oil in softgel form. The oil may have long turned rancid without your notice unless you take the time and effort to randomly sample by cutting open the softgel to examine the quality of the oil. Who knows, the pain that you've suffered could be due to the rancid coconut oil in softgel?

              Cut open the softgel and the virgin oil should smell and taste nicely like coconut. Otherwise, the oil has turned bad.

  2. Question. I started having 1 table spoon of organic coco oil ( Trader Joe's) in my decaf coffee every morning since 1
    Month. Since then, I have been retaining a lot of water, up 10 pounds in 1 month. I work out daily, eat daily healthy and gaining weight. Can I retain water or salt with coco oil? I am so confused...

    • Hi Mayte, as far as I know, water retention is never a side effect of coconut oil.

      Did you also increase your salt intake when you started to add coconut oil to your coffee one month ago? Try to recollect to see if you have any minor changes to your diet routine besides adding coconut oil. Stressful workload and not sleeping well can trigger hormonal imbalance that in turn cause water retention too.

      If you're sure that nothing has changed ever since except for eating coconut oil, then stop coconut oil for a month and see if your water retention reduces. Keep me posted so we can work together to see what actually went wrong with your consumption of coconut oil.

      • Hi Soon, I actually took out coco oil for the past 4 days, and down 4 pounds. I did not increase my salt,... not sure what is going on.. So weird...

        • Hi Mayte, what's the brand of the coconut oil you used? You might want to try changing to another. Each one of us is different, so it's not surprising that we all react differently to the effect of coconut oil. Of course, the type and composition of the oil may have some influence in how our body would react to it.

  3. I've been taking 1 tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil in the am. Been noticing extrenely dry, itching skin. Is this normal? Been taking the coconut oil for approximately 1 week.
    When applying to my skin, noted increased dry skin.

    • Hi Carold, coconut oil should help to moisturize your skin by locking the water in your skin. Based on your description, your skin is super dry and because coconut oil penetrates pretty fast, it doesn't seem to help you much.

      Tell you what, cut down on diuretic beverages like coffee or black tea, green tea etc (if you do take them), then learn to drink 6–8 glasses of plain water every day. If your diet includes soups, juices or other watery-based food, then you'll have to lower your plain water consumption.

      Our skin feels dry usually because we fail to consume sufficient fluid. But if you're on medication, some medication can dry you up too. In that case, you'll have to consult your doctor on the amount of water you should drink per day to maintain sufficient fluid in your body and keep your skin moisturized.

  4. Hi, I have been using organic virgin coconut oil for a few months now.i eat it everymorning in my porridge,also use it on my skin and has also lowered my cholesterol to my amazement and helps with indigestion as well.i simply think nature has given us this natural medicine to use.pls keep up the good work and for your informative research and for sharing with us.

  5. Hi. Coconut oil does work! Constipation occurs 2-3 times a month and each lasts up to 5 days, worst, 8 days. My diet as follows: Breakfast: 1 cup of freshly made juice+ 1 mug coffee + 1 slice rye bread toast with butter Lunch : 1 bowl of barley soup or sometimes 150gm-200gm granola with yoghurt + 1 orange or apple + hard-boiled egg or few pieces of shortbread+ yakult Dinner: lots of veg + grains + vegetarian soup. Diet is meatless, fish is consumed occasionally and I drink 5-8 glasses of water per day. I walk 4 to 5 times a week up to 70 mins per session.
    Mom mentioned grandpa used to put some butter in his coffee. I put a teaspoon in my coffee last couple of mornings. There's movement but....then I stumbled upon this blog. I tried 1 tablespoon of unrefined extra virgin coconut oil yesterday afternoon. Little movement. This morning on empty stomach I had 1 tablespoon followed by 1 mug of hot+warm water. Half hour later I had another tablespoon followed by another mug of water and stirred 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in my coffee. Tummy less bloated and more comfortable compared to when I first woke up - I felt my tummy and stomach were hard and stuffy and congested. And this had also affected my level of alertness and thinking. I felt sluggish for the past 5 days. Coffee is delicious with faint lovely coconut aroma. It worked. Thank you Fussy Body and everyone for sharing. I hope my post helps too.