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  1. I wanted to express my appreciation for your well written informative article on the values of coconut oil. Looking back, when I was consuming coconut oil regularly, and eating more alkaline, sickness was not an issue. I had never tried oil pulling with coconut oil with regards to soreness in the throat. I just did and the calming, soothing effects are AMAZING!! I'm incorporating your suggestions today on-wards as allergy symptoms seem to be affecting me this year.
    I appreciate oriental medicine's whole body approach to healing.

    Thank you,

  2. I used organic extra virgin coconut oil after a double chest infection and antibiotic allergy, it cleared right up. However, I ate Raw Coconut Oil for almost a year since that so being told to have it every 2 hours was my excuse...I looooove it and I sold a purer version direct from India. Beautiful. But you must balance, because it IS FAT!!! So I put on a little weight so working on goin back to my Partially RAW and FRUIT Only diet. Thanks for your Blog. Will email you soon.

    • Hi Gerri, first of all, before applying coconut oil to your skin, did it smell like throw up?

      If not, then high chance is the bacteria on your skin releasing toxins that cause the vomit smell when they got "assassinated" by coconut oil. Another possible reason is the drawing of toxins (detox) from beneath your skin. Toxins stink. This is a good sign. Keep using coconut oil and the vomit smell on your skin should mitigate over time. Try using organic coconut oil to make sure no impurities from the oil contribute to the smell.

  3. Hi, I am 23 and have been using "virgin" coconut oil in my body (face and all) as a moisterizer for over a year now and it is my best friend. I recently bought "refined" and have found my skin INCREDIBLY itchy, red, and splotchy (a side effect I never experienced when using the virgin oil). Is it possible that the difference between virgin and refined could cause this reaction? I have no recent changes to my diet/daily cosmetic routine. Thanks

    • Hi Tricia, I use both refined and virgin coconut oil. I didn't experience much difference except for the rate at which they get absorbed into my skin – refined tends to penetrate faster, but that's provided the refined coconut oil you use is of high quality.

      There are different types of refined coconut oil, some might be processed in an unhygienic environment while others might have undergone partial or full hydrogenation. The impurities or mold in low-quality refined coconut oil could have caused your skin to break out. Anyway, what is the brand of your refined coconut oil, is it organic? Let me check for you.

  4. Hi there
    Please help, I have started sleekgeek lifestyle since January 2016 and been cooking and frying with coconut oil but now I am experiencing dry skin especially my hands and face. Can it be coconut oil?

    • Hi Monica, if it is coconut oil, you would have gotten dry skin last year in Jan and Feb. Your skin lacks fluid. Just make sure you drink adequate amount of water to hydrate your skin. Also, look back on any diet change recently or are you taking any medication or applying some sort of chemical-loaded skin product that could have "evaporated" the fluid from your skin? Cast your mind back.

        • Hi Monica, in that case, it's not about how much you drink, but how much your skin tissues can absorb. If you're of edema type, most fluid could be retained in certain parts of your body than spreading out evenly, causing certain parts relatively drier. Like my mom, she drinks a lot a day and tends to have lots of water retained in her legs, but the skin on her arms are extremely dry and wrinkled.

          Other possibilities could be consumption of diuretic foods (celery, oats, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, watermelon...) or beverages (black tea, green tea, coffee, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar...) that make your body lose fluid easily. Also, diabetics tend to urinate more than usual, causing excessive loss of fluid easily. Are you one of them?