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  1. Like everyone here I ate a lot of coconut oil that I mixed with plain yogurt it was yummy. It woke me up in the middle of the night it was almost pure water and wouldn't stop back and forth I thought I was gonna die but for some reason it felt good it was like a big cleansing though I drunk a lot of water thinking that the coconut oil was expired or poisoned. We're so much programmed to think everything negatively. Glad I visited your site to know the truth that I was not sick.

  2. Hi
    Is it good to use organic apple cider vinegar as a toner before using coconut oil on face?
    Thanks for information it is wonderful.

  3. Apologies if you already covered this in the comments above. There's too many for me to read them all! I've cooked with coconut oil for years with no problem. Recently I tried applying it to my face as a moisturizer. The brand is Kala and it's marketed for use on skin. A few days later I started to develop redness, swelling and flaky skin on my eyelids. Then I got flaky, red skin around my mouth too. I stopped using the coconut oil but a few days later I still have red, swollen eyelids and patchy red flaky skin around my mouth. Is it possible for my skin to take a long time to recover from coconut oil? Or should I assume something else is causing my skin issues?

    • Hi Brigette, did you have a change in diet recently? Are you on any medication?

      If no, then it could be an expulsion of toxins from your skin. Our skin is a warehouse for creepy and toxic substances we never knew they actually existed deep inside the tissues for years until we put something like coconut oil on the skin that will draw out the bad stuff from below.

      According to Dr. Bruce Fife, expert of coconut oil uses cum author of The Coconut Oil Miracle, he advises people to try sticking with using coconut oil on the skin and let coconut oil does its job of detoxifying. The detox could last for a few days up to several weeks before your skin turns for the better.

      Some people get acne from putting coconut oil on the skin while others are like you, having redness and flaky skin as the "side effects". But the underlying causes are pretty much the same – too much toxic crap being buried underneath the skin.

      But if you're seriously freaked out now and dare not continue with dabbing coconut oil on your skin anymore, then look for a skin specialist and see what he or she recommends for your skin problem.

      • Thanks for the reply. I was on Valcyclovir and Doxycycline for a suspected (but unconfirmed) case of shingles on the right side of my forehead. So it wouldn't surprise me if this is related, but of course I'm experiencing this rash on both sides of my face. I finished the Valcyclovir on April 3 and the Doxycycline on April 8. I started applying hydrocortisone cream to the rash yesterday and it appears to be getting a bit better today.

        • Hi Brigette, chemical residues from oral medications can get stocked up inside our skin and not being purged for years when our body fails to force them out via sweating, urination or bowel movement. This could be the issue with you when using coconut oil.

          Just want to let you know that hydrocortisone cream provides only temporary itch relief. It can further add on to the toxic load on your skin. But if you're comfortable with it, by all means. In fact, you can try introducing coconut oil back for your skin slowly at some time later because coconut oil is really good for skin, if you know how to use it.

  4. Hi! I ate a teaspoon of coconut oil today on an empty stomach and I have had diarrhea all day. Is this something normal? I have eaten it before (years ago) without this side effect.

    • Hi Pontso, I can't promise you that it'll help with conception. But one thing for sure is coconut oil may help to decrease HIV's viral load. How effective it is will still depend on your overall diet and the quantity of coconut oil you consume.