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  1. Hi Soon,

    A little over a week ago I decided to try a coconut detox to see if it could help with a persisting bloating that doesn't seem to leave my body (I've tried everything – I even went to the doctor's about it and my results were normal). I read that you could take a teaspoon of coconut oil several times a day by the spoonful, and I've been doing that, to see if a detox could help with my bloating issue. However, I've noticed that I have different symptoms that what you have listed and no known allergies to coconut oil because I've used it in the past for cooking.

    Some of my symptoms include itchy legs, small red now white bumps appeared on the inside of my arms, a cold popped up with a constant runny nose for two days straight (I still have a slight effect to the runny nose, but not as often as the first two days.), a on/off cough came on two days ago (which disappears hours after taking coconut oil), and now blister-like bumps that itch appeared on the inside of my right wrist today.

    No foggy mind, no stomach cramping, no nausea, no dizziness, no fever, no trouble using the restroom, no acne breakouts, no symptoms that you have listed.

    I'm using Vita Coco Coconut Oil, 100% Organic, Cold Pressed, 100% Raw, Extra Virgin.

    I'm not doing a full detox because I still need food in my system, but I am eating clean – no sugar, processed food, dairy, meat, etc.

    Could my symptoms be different from what you mentioned in the detox? Does this mean my body is expelling toxins differently?

    I'm not sure whether I should continue with the detox or stop.



    • Hi Stacy, the cold and cough you got were probably just coincidental and not the cause of taking coconut oil. You may be eating healthy now but what about in the past?

      Our skin can act as a warehouse for storing toxins over the years. And the toxins may still be buried deep inside your skin and coconut oil is helping to expel them. Also, do you sleep late at night? Do you smoke, drink alcohol? Do you get angry or fall into a mood swing easily?

      Late-night sleep causes hormonal imbalance that can impair the removal of toxic substances while smoking and alcohol will add on to the body's toxic load. Negative emotions cause our body to produce toxins too. If these toxins are not removed via urination, sweating, and bowel movement in time, they could get deposited into our skin.

      The active compounds in coconut oil can empower cells to purge bad substances out of the skin. The itch on your legs, small red bumps on your arms, blister-like bumps on your wrist could be the expulsion of toxins. I get those at times too. And I believe anyone eating coconut oil will have any of the symptoms you mentioned once in a while unless they are eating super clean (without even a dab of pesticide or toxic substance in their food) and live in a super clean environment where toxic pollutants and contaminants are unheard of.

      Actually, there's no way you can stop the detox since our body is doing detox every single moment. Coconut oil helps to improve our body's detox.

      I really think you should continue with coconut oil. Instead of taking coconut oil by the spoonful, why don't you mix it into your food? Coconut oil is a food by itself. The oil in my diet is primarily coconut oil and not other unsaturated oils that oxidize and turn rancid easily inside our body.

      I'm not trying to scare you... but persistent bloating could be a sign of ovarian cancer. Did your doctor suspect that? Let's hope that it's just a normal IBS issue. You can try to break your meals into smaller portions from today onward and take your food 5–6 times a day. This should help improve your bloating if it's just IBS.

  2. Hi! I am suffer from constipation for long time I got a lot of treatments but no benefits. I am 23/24 during medication feelings are good but after finishing medication fall abnormal. And also no mood to eat... Please help....

  3. I have never see someone wrote with such passion and detail like you did. Kudos to you. Do you mind if I share your writing so other may benefited from it? (of course with due reference given to you and your site).

    • Hi Wei Loon, sure, go ahead. I wrote it to help people fight flu with coconut oil. The more people you can pass on, the merrier because more people will be able to stay healthy and fall sick less easily. You'll help them save a lot on medical bills too. Thanks for linking back to my site.

  4. I have taken coconut oil off/on for a couple of years, but quit and started taking magnesium oxide for a perceived need to help me eliminate on my terms. I take 750mg - 1000mg daily and it worked ok. I say perceived, because I believe I haven't truly been constipated before. I have now decided, after re-reading your comments, to start taking coconut oil in earnest. Problem! How do I get off the magnesium? I have over the past few weeks worked up to 6-9 tsp. of coconut oil daily. However, I still take the magnesium, but to a slightly lesser amount, depending on the results, which often vary from good, none, and the runs. I am afraid that I may actually become constipated during the transition period as I have now turned 70 yrs., and each day has now become a crapshoot ( sorry ). Please advise, Thanks so much, for being here.

    • Hi Charles, coconut oil works differently on different people due to us having very different medical conditions or body constitutions, and of course different aging effect. Since you've worked up to consuming about 9 teaspoons (3 tablespoons) of coconut oil, I don't think you'll get constipated for more than a day during the transition. Keep increasing your coconut oil intake until you feel best with it. If 9-teaspoonfuls is the max for you now, stay there.

      You're doing it right to slowly getting off your magnesium oxide until you're completely free from it. I wonder if you're taking coconut oil on its own or with food? It's always safer to take coconut oil with food to avoid the runs.

      • Hi Soon, thank you for responding. When I first began using coconut oil several years ago, I really wasn't interested or aware that it had laxative properties. I was mainly concerned about our ( spouse ) health in general. We used it most often as 1 part each; coconut oil, butter, & olive oil, for cooking and sautéing. I used to like to stir it into a jar of 100% natural peanut butter to improve the fat ratios a bit. I have eaten it by the teaspoon occasionally, without concern or consequences.
        One thing I haven't read about coconut oil yet, is that it is the best thing WE have found for the treatment of minor burns.!!! I threw away the salve the dermatologist gave me for treating a growth he had burned off.
        It will burn when first applied , but when it stops burning, it's done!
        When I used Nutivia it came in a plastic jar, I simply transferred it to a glass one. I didn't KNOW better, It just seemed right,

        Thanks again

  5. hi! i have a son who is 2 years old and had amoebiasis in the past three weeks and had taken medication for amoebiasis. I've read it online that amoebiasis that VCO is good in expelling the parasites that caused amoebiasis.. After a weeks of my son's medication, I slowly introduced VCO just 1.25ml in the morning and in the evening. Apparently, today on his 3rd day of taking VCO he's experiencing watery diarrhea. Is this because of the VCO fighting the bacteria in my son's gut? I'm not sure if should continue supplementing VCO to my son anymore.

    • Hi Siena, virgin coconut oil may cause watery stool due to the increasing of bowel movement. Honestly, I'm not sure if coconut oil could be used to treat amoebiasis despite there are people circulating the info. I'm checking with Dr. Bruce Fife (via email) who's an expert in treating certain infections and diseases with coconut oil. Please be patient while we're waiting for his reply. Will update you as soon as I receive his response.

    • Hi Siena, this is Dr. Bruce Fife's reply:

      "Coconut oil has been shown to kill many amoebas and could possibly help. About 1 teaspoon twice a day of VCO for a young child, taken with food."

      I think your son just needs a bit more time to get used to the effect of coconut oil. And when taken with food, his stool should not appear as watery. Keep me posted.