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  1. Hi I have normal healthy skin. Just recently I have been applying coconut oil to my skin, 3 weeks into applying to oil I noticed my skin on my face was sensitive, my skin started going red and felt very itchy. Ive been diagnosed with eczema by my GP. Is this due to the coconut oil? Please advise

  2. Thank you so much for this helpful comparison! I've been using fractionated coconut oil mixed with various essential oils on my face every morning because it absorbed quickly and didn't leave me feeling greasy (or make my bangs greasy), then cleansing my face and applying EVCO before bed every night. Then I began seeing articles and blogs denouncing the use of fractionated coconut oil. Thanks to this article I now know why my skin looks and feels so much smoother and healthier and much less wrinkled and the fractionated oil seems to play a part in that. I am on the backside of "middle age" and coconut (both fractionated and extra virgin), jojoba oil, plus a host of other essential oils, have made a huge difference!

  3. I have slow transit. I have been doing two tablespoons of coconut oil for awhile. I am going up too three today. I have candida. I think it's helping some but not enough. I have had chronic constaption all my life. Do you think if l take two tablespoons on an empty stomach will it help move my bowels? I am pretty desperate.Thanks for your advice. I am using Simply Nature organic unrefined cold pressed virgin coconut oil in a glass jar.

    • Hi Tyrone, coconut oil may help to improve slow transit constipation (STC). But the thing is you're having Candida as well, so when coconut oil goes into your body, some will go to treat your Candida leaving the remaining to rev up your bowel motility. Depending on how severe your yeast condition is, the more severe, the less coconut oil will be left behind to treat constipation.

      So, you should add more coconut oil to your meals for treating both Candida and constipation. If you want to try 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach, go ahead, but be prepared for the diarrhea trigger. Chronic constipation stems mainly from a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Learn to eat more green veggies, less meat and processed food, and drink adequate water, plus exercise more.

  4. Hi Soon, I have read your article and I have few questions. I am 30 years old from India. My name is Arun. I have been suffering from constant cough since last 10 years. I am recetnlty operated for sinus. Begore sinus surgery I was hoping that the problem was due to sinus and it would go away after surgery. Though it was not the case. It has been 4 months after my surgery and I have no improvement in my cough. I visited my ENT again and explained him the situation. As per my doctor I am having chronic Acid Reflux. I work night shifts and sleep in day time. Before my surgery I was seeing a gastro doctor who had found me H Pylori positive during endoscopy testing. I was also diagnosed peptic ulcers. He gave 2 shots of antibiotics to eradicate H pylori which both failed but Ulcers were cured. Then I cotinued to use the PPI teatment for 3 months and I never failed any improvement in my cough. Now I am totally confuesd and don't know what should I do next. I uesd to smoke 8-10 cigratte earlier which I have completely stopped from last 2 months now. Can you pls suggest me what should I do about it?? I always feel somthing hard stuck in my throat and an urge to spit out. I keep coughing every 10 minutes. Is it due to any kind of flu or Acid Reflux.?? Is curing H pylori would help me to eliminite Acid Reflux symptoms? I have startd taking another antibiotic course 2 days back and I am also taking 1 tablespoon organic virgin coconut oil along with it. So far I have no side effects. Please advise.

    • Hi Arun, acid reflux may not necessarily trigger cough. If you have done all necessary medical tests (plus surgery) that still could not pinpoint the underlying causes of your coughing problem, I'm afraid it's some profound damages (like infections) to your respiratory tract that trigger that.

      What you can do now is continue taking coconut oil and increase your intake of it progressively (and gradually to avoid adverse effect) until you hit 3–4 tablespoons per day. Coconut oil helps to expedite our body to repair damaged cells and tissues. But I can't give you a timeline as to how long your impaired respiratory tract will recover. You just have to be patient.

      Also, learn to eat more whole foods that contain lots of antioxidants. Plus engage yourself in some form of exercises to strengthen your lung functions. Jogging or power walking is good for that.

      Smoking definitely is the prime culprit in wrecking your lungs and other parts of your respiratory system. It will take up to 15 years or more before your body returns to that of a non-smoker condition. You reap what you sow. You treat your body badly, it will fight back by giving you lots of health problems.

      Having said all that, from now onward, learn to treat your body nicely. Stop smoking and quit any other bad habits like alcohol drinking, staying up late at night gaming, working or watching TV. Eat well, exercise well and sleep well. Also, try to offer help to the needy whenever possible. You'll feel great by doing so. Feeling great can help improve your health too.

    • I had a cough nonstop for two years. Mold in the air vents was my culprit. Even when I left my residence, (an apartment) I still coughed. Moved out of apartment to a new residence. No more cough, for 9 months now, cough free. Check for mold, at work or home!

  5. Going to surgery. I use a heaping tablespoons of coconut cream in my coffee every morning. Is it a blood thinner? Heard it also naturally contains Vitamin K. This helps blot clot I believe. Confused, as don't know if there is enough oil in Coconut Cream to thin the blood. Help!

    • Hi Susette, coconut cream contains only trace amount of vitamin K if there is. You're right about vitamin K. Yes, it helps our blood to clot faster. Many brands of coconut cream you buy from store may not even hold a least bit.

      If you're looking to increase your vitamin K intake, you can take more spinach, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or other leafy green vegetables. But take them in moderation to avoid "thickening" your blood.

      Oil in coconut cream does not help to thin blood. But the oil in the cream does motivate cells to improve blood circulation thereby helping to prevent unnecessary blood clotting.

      • You bean "take them in moderation to avoid thickening the blood". Green, leafy vegetables contain Vitamin K, which thickens the blood an causes it to clot. Do you know your stuff?

        • Hi Veronica, an obvious mistake I had made. Most of us know that vitamin K helps blood clot. And I believe many people have noticed that. But only you're willing to spare some time to point that out. Thank you so much for that.

          I think I got distracted back then that instead of "thickening" I wrote "thinning". Had just emailed Susette about the edited response so she could get herself updated.

          Thank you once again for righting a wrong.