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  1. I brush my teeth with coconut oil every other day when I first get up in the morning and this takes care of the constipation. I can only use it every other day as it will lead to diarrhea if used more often. It has really helped me.

      • Hi Shantelle, guess Susan won't return to tell you if she swallows or not. I'll take this opportunity to advise those who use coconut oil as toothpaste.

        Like coconut oil pulling, you should spit out the oil after brushing teeth because the oil will contain dead bacteria and other germs plus the toxic chemicals they release when they die. That said, you should never swallow or you're bringing bad stuff into your body.

          • Good question, Jackie. I have no answer to that because I don't brush my teeth with coconut oil. I was thinking that maybe Susan did really swallow some coconut oil (while spitting some out) after brushing her teeth. That way coconut oil not only helps keeping her teeth clean and healthy, but also helps to ease her constipation.

            Or maybe Susan's constipation issue was mainly caused by stress. And when she brushes her teeth with coconut oil, it kind of makes her relax and hence, relieves her constipation.

        • I have a constipation problm. My stool is very hard. I m using cremaffin, but i dont want to depend on cremaffin,i want to loosen my stool,as due to hard stool a blood comes out from my rectum even though i had a fissures operation, please help is coconut oil works for me,should i start taking coconut oil

  2. Hi, I'm suffering from bulimia and recently binged excessively on coconut oil (sounds disgustingly crazy, even for an eating disorder, I know) and I'm now worried about what the effects of this will be. And when I say binged, I mean a lot more than 3-6 tablespoons.... Please can I get some advice 🙁

    • Hi Marie, you said you suffer from bulimia, so did you try to purge coconut oil after you "binge" a lot of it? And why choose coconut oil?

      It seems to me that you have not gotten any adverse reaction from coconut oil like diarrhea as what most people would have encountered when they take 2 or more tablespoons in one sitting. Did you spread out the amount and binge the oil with food or you simply eat it by the spoonful? I need more info from you to help you. Thanks.

  3. whats your take on the levels of saturated fat in Coconut cream? are you saying that saturated fat is okay as long as its from coconut cream?

    • Hi Aaron, 15 – 35% of coconut cream are fats, and about 90% of these fats are saturated fats. Which means, coconut cream has about 13.5 – 31.5% saturated fats, depending on the brands.

      Saturated fats are basically good because they help prevent oxidation. But on the other hand, if they all belong to long-chain fats like those present in animal meat, our body tends to deposit them in fat cells as they're not easy to metabolize into energy.

      50 – 64% of saturated fats in coconut cream are medium-chain fats, which convert to energy easily. This increases metabolism. So, yes, saturated fats from coconut cream are good for you since more of them will turn into fuel.

  4. EVCO needs to come with a warning clearly printed on it for diarrhea side effects. Trust, if you ingest slightly too much, you're going to pray for death to come relieve you. I'm on day 2 of accidentally overdosing on this, and I've yet to get a decent nights sleep. I literally had to wear diapers, due to the anal leakage that is occuring without my control. I've placed a pillow and blanket fort in my bathroom at this point. As sweet as this oil smells going down, coming out smells like dead baby skunks. I've never had pure white liquid expell from my rear end before. For God's sake I can't even go to work for fear of pooping, or rather, watering from my butthole in my pants this foul smelling substance of death. Imodium overdose won't even touch this problem. My stomach sounds like the 3:10 from Yuma at all times and I've yet to be able to eat food.

    • Hi, Lindsay, I do agree with your suggestion to some extent. Maybe they should give a gentle warning on the label that coconut oil helps to improve bowel movement instead of saying it causes diarrhea. Coconut oil actually helps to stop real diarrhea effected by food poisoning since it is antimicrobial.

      But if there's no diarrhea-triggering microbes in your gut, then coconut oil will help to step up your gut motility and loosen your bowels. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope you can quickly get back to your normal life.

    • I feel your pain as I'm afraid I'm going through the same. This is a nightmare, I didn't even take that much honestly. I'm already worried about sleeping tonight and work tomorrow. It would almost be comical, if it wasn't causing me severe physical pain. Lesson learned.

  5. Recently, I got an email from a reader called Catherine. I would like to share her thought here and hope what she said can encourage more people to use coconut oil for flu:

    From: Catherine <*************>

    Thank you.

    Message Body:
    I don't have a question or anything. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing article on coconut oil and the flu. The last few days I was sick. But it was like I wasn't sick at all. I found your site when I first got the sore throat and started following all your tips and the next morning I was not as bad as I would have been. And since then it's like i don't have a full on flu. Which is great. Anyway I hope this isn't spam, I just wanted to say thanks for your article. I will continue to follow the advice in it.

    Catherine 🙂