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  1. I have been talking coconutoil for 3 weeks now for yeast infection but the symptoms am having now is much more than before should I continue, same with my 9 years girls

    • Hi Agatha, I suspect it's the toxins released by the dying yeast that aggravate the symptoms. While using coconut oil for yeast infection, you should at the same time seriously learn to cut back on your intake of sugar and refined carb.

      Refined carb turns to sugar easily and sugar feeds yeast. When yeast gets the food, they can multiply very fast and in great number. And when you bring coconut oil into the picture, the killing of yeast becomes endless and your symptoms will never subside.

      So, reduce your sugar intake. Continue to consume coconut oil and progressively increase its intake. You should see improvement over time. But if your symptoms do not seem to get down after a few days, consult a doctor and see what he or she suggests. Keep me posted.

  2. Hello I just started taking Coconut oil organic unrefined for two weeks now just one teaspoon in my tea in the morning and it's giving me horrible headache I don't want to stop taking it though what should I do?

    • Hi Sonia, taking just one teaspoon of unrefined coconut oil in the morning together with your tea can hardly effect headache, let alone horrible headache on you. Are you sure the headache is caused by unrefined coconut oil?

      Poor sleep quality, stress, depression, overuse of pain medication, too much processed meat that contain nitrates, low-carb diet etc can trigger headache. When headache kicks in, please look back on your diet and lifestyle.

      Rarely, coconut oil has anything to do with headache unless you're taking a lot in the beginning that triggers intense detox reaction or elimination of Candida yeast.