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Need help with using coconut oil? Ask me anything about virgin coconut oil, refined coconut oil or MCT oil. You're also welcome to help others by sharing your experience. But before you post, read these...

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    • Hi Marc, they're not wonderful claims, but facts. If these are just hoax, it would have backfired when people eat coconut cream.

      The best source is personal experience. Go eat a lot and test for yourself and you'll understand. If coconut cream (or milk) doesn't help you loosen bowels or protect you from flu or other infections, or after a sweaty (but not too strenuous) workout it doesn't help to replenish your body's loss of electrolytes, get back here and shoot!

  1. Thank you for this article! I currently use unrefined extra virgin coconut oil in the kitchen for cooking and on my hair, MCT oil in my diet, and fractionated cosmetic grade in the bathroom for my skin and face! It looks like i'll be putting some of the extra virgin coconut oil in the bathroom for my face to see if it works visibly differently than the fractionated! This article was very helpful for plotting uses! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hi, I suffer from BV, no antibotics help it, I always have it, i have tried all the antiobitics out for it except the ones I am allergic to, do you think Coconut oil would work on this?

    • Hi Susie, many women are able to get rid of BV with coconut oil. Here's how: Leave the tampon in your vagina for 2 hours and do it at least twice a day till symptoms subside. Rinse the area with warm water once done. Learn to consume coconut oil to eliminate your BV faster.

  3. Hi im experiencing crawling sensation in the skin. Dandruf. Joint pain. Recurrent uti. Before i had this im eating process foods and sugary product do you thnk its candida?