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  1. Hi Soon Chai, I've been suffering panic attacks for 21 months now. They come on a regular cycle every three weeks and last for a week. My daughter suggested that it could be a parasite infection. I asked at my health shop what I could take to cure this. They suggested coconut oil. I've been taking a teaspoonful in the morning and before bedtime. I've noticed an increase in itching in my skin especially my scalp, and the roof of my mouth has become extremely sore. Should I continue with the coconut oil or stop?

    • Hi Rose, I used to have on-and-off panic attacks, even after many years of taking coconut oil every single day. But I don't have much now because I've learned to let go of many things in life.

      What I'm trying to say is, coconut oil may not really treat panic attack since the main causes of panic attack are anxiety and stress. But of course, you can try it out... who knows, your condition might improve with coconut oil.

      The soreness on the roof of your mouth may be caused by something else rather than coconut oil. Or maybe, the coconut oil you're having is so acidic that it grazes the tissue and that's why you feel so sore. Different coconut oils have different level of acidity.

      The itch on your skin might be the detox reaction of coconut oil. 2 teaspoons per day and you already got such a response. Try to reduce to 1 teaspoon per day and see what happens.

      • Thank you so much for your advice. Since using coconut oil I've noticed an increase in my energy level. Usually, between my "panic weeks" during my good weeks, I still feel washed out and lethargic. I've read up a lot on the effect coconut oil has on hypothyroidism, which I also suffer with, and I'm very excited to see how that will affect me. You're doing a great job with the help and advice you give to ones on this site. Many thanks again.

  2. Great information experience in short has been having a very distorted body from tight fascia and scar tissue............ from many years of competitive sport...including 28 years of aggressive squash.

    I applied some coconut oil on the chronic areas..........on the right side of my body today.......and had the easiest few hours I have had in years..

  3. I had my first tea spoon of extra virgin coconut oil this morning and followed that up with a glass of hot water. Have a acidity pain in the solar plexus ever since. Is this a side effect of the detoxifying process?

  4. I've extremely chronic constipation. If I don't take strong laxative like a bottle of senna, there will not be any bowel movement. I know taking regular senna is not good which is why I choose to take it only once per month to go clear my intestine once per month. There will be times even if I take laxative, there isn't any bowel movement at all which will cause me in extreme pain and exhaustion and extremely depressed for not being able to clear out all those food that has gone rotten inside me. I'm scared...really very scared... I really wish God will help me.. free me from life and let me die in my sleep or give me a miracle so that I could live on normally once again to know what is life again...

    I've long given up on any remedies because I've almost tried all of them... I've went to countless doctors but all they gave me were fiber and more fiber till the last few doctors recommended to cut off the colon.. I cried almost everyday.. Doctors took too much of our hard-earned money but never cure us... Cutting off the colon will make it worse..

    I'm still breathing, once in a while, I will still look out for a miracle hoping that one day, all bad stuff will just disappear..

    I'm in pain all the time.. I'm extremely exhausted.. no matter how much I've sleep, I'm always exhausted and tired. Because I'm in full pain almost all the time, there's no way I could have a proper job.

    Can anyone really help me n guide me on...


    • Hi Ps, even if God lets you die in your sleep, you'll come back as miserable in the next life. Cycle of life and death doesn't apply to Buddhism or certain religion only, it applies to all living beings (including animals), regardless of race, language or religion.

      What's more important is to live life to the fullest even if it means you have to suffer one way or another. So, let's get down to finding a way for you.

      First of all, I think your colon has probably gone awry after taking strong laxatives for so many times. All is not lost. Try virgin coconut oil and see if it helps your chronic constipation.

      I'd suggest that you start incorporating virgin coconut oil into your diet every day. It boosts your metabolism and provides energy, so it might help you in certain ways.

    • Hi PS
      I have had almost the same problems. I used to take laxatives every week just so I know that I have a bowel movement. I take a lot of pain meds. I was in pain and took some laxatives then 5 minutes later I read about coconut oil and happen to have some so I immediately took 2 tablespoons and in about another 5 minutes I was able to have a bowel movement. Wow awesome! I sure hope people will try it. Its been 20 min since I took the laxatives and I am relieved. I'm saying this just to say the laxatives still have to work but the coconut oil has already done the job . God bless

  5. Great article here, lots of really helpful information. But don't forget to notify people that Virgin coconut oil can clog pipes etc if not property disposed of. Thanks again for the great article 🙂