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  1. hello I am taking two table spoons a day of coconut oil it doesn't seem to be helping much I drink plenty of water and excersise plenty two do I need to take more coconut oil .

    • Hi Don, try taking 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach in the morning, with a glass of water. And stay relax (mental stress can induce physiological stress that stiffens your intestinal muscles). It generally takes 2 tablespoons on empty stomach to vigorously move bowels.

      But if your bowels do not move within 3 hours, try taking another 2 tablespoons with food (I'm afraid you might get severe stomach cramp if you take it without food this time around).

      IF still doesn't work for you, you may need to change your coconut oil to a better quality brand or you may need to do a check-up on your gut to see if there's any damage that's stopping it from moving normally. Are you taking adequate fiber as well? That's an important factor too.

  2. Soon Chai
    Do you have to massage with coconut oil and eat half a teaspoon of coconut oil ,
    Or do you just have to massage your stomach with coconut oil?

  3. Soon Chai,
    I have a few questions but want to first tell you my situation.....I just turned 50 and have always had skin problems. And thank you for this forum!
    I got my first 2 boils when I was about 17…They both popped but left nasty scars which I have now removed by a dermatology I used to work for.
    Even she could not get to the root of my problem except to say I had blocked sweat glands.
    Now 20 years later I still have the same problems but under my arms……Very painful.
    I have been doing coconut oil for about 60 days and have seen some improvement but it now seems to have taken a turn for the worst once again. I go to sleep but am awaken by sharp stabbing pays every few hours.
    If, I could I would send you a pic of what my underarms look like….It is terrible, scars upon scars and they still have puss under both arms. I pop them every night and there is always puss. I do NOT apply the coconut oil as if I do it will block my pores mores and I will get more infection.
    The odd thing is that while I can still pop the boils, every day since I started the coconut oil I seem to have a layer of dead skin that I have to peel off….I know this sound gross but am hoping it means the oil is working? It’s hard to explain but it seems the oil is working.
    Any help or advice would be amazing and thanks for doing what you are doing!
    Jim Drake

    • Hi Jim, are you saying that you don't apply coconut oil but you take coconut oil orally? I wish I could be there to help you.

      First of all, coconut oil does not clog pores, unless you're using super low quality refined or hydrogenated coconut oil. Secondly, coconut oil fights infection.

      If you're consuming coconut oil, you should try to apply it topically to your boils once or twice a day as well and see how it goes. No need too thick, just a thin layer each time will do.

      On top of that, you must watch what you eat because if you eat the wrong stuff, they can negate the healing properties of coconut oil.

    • Hi Kian, I think you're experiencing the "healing crisis" of coconut oil as you've started way too fast – 3 tablespoons a day.

      Coconut oil generally does not cause sore throat. You probably mean scratchy throat, I think. That is normal when you eat coconut oil on its own without food or drink due to its mildly acidic nature.

      Swelling to your neck may be the symptom of cleansing. You should now reduce your coconut oil intake to just 1 tablespoon per day (splitting into 3 separate teaspoons – 1 added to breakfast, 1 to lunch and 1 to dinner). Also, take more fruits and vegetables to help expel toxins and excess acidic components from your body. This will help improve your symptoms.

      After improvement, you should try to increase the amount of coconut oil progressively. Coconut oil is detoxing. You should never take it in large amount when you're getting started.

  4. I've been using Tropical Traditions organic virgin coconut oil for years when I cook/bake and also add it to my tea (or Bulletproof MCT oil). I have always gotten a "rash" on my neck, back and chest/stomach area. What is this caused from? The reaction is little itchy bumps that burn or feel irritated. I can touch them and scratch off little scabs. What could this be?

      • Mike
        Doing Bulletproof coffee with 2 tbs MCT coconut oil and Kerry gold butter in morning and at lunch. Pimples, redness on forehead and near/below eyes daily for two months. Healthy veggie diet, minimal animal protein, no gluten, no dairy other than butter in coffee. Confused, pls help...

        • Hi Mike, how long have you been drinking your bulletproof coffee with 2 tablespoons of MCT oil + Kerrygold butter one in morning and one at lunch?

          I need more info from you as the outbreak on your forehead and near eyes could stem from either the synergistic effect of 4 tablespoons of MCT oil + caffeine or the GMO substance from the butter (the cows that provide cream for the Kerrygold butter are said to have been supplemented with GMO animal feed in addition to being "grassfed").

          • Thank you Soon, Aug-Nov I consumed 4 tbs MCT coconut oil and Kerry gold butter but then noticed the skin eruptions which have lasted Nov-Apr. Recently removed MCT and skin clearing significantly. Having removed MCT resulted in improved skin condition, but on negative side also increased brain fog. Dilemma: MCT removal = clear skin, but increases brain fog...

            • Hi Mike, So Aug-Oct you didn't suffer any skin eruptions. It all started only after Nov, right? Did you check back on what you've done like a diet change in Nov that leads to a skin outbreak?

              I suspect you're on a low-carb diet, aren't you? Low-carb might trigger keto rash due to hormonal fluctuations, especially when it involves dairy. Have you tried removing butter instead of MCT oil? I mean, keep the MCT oil in your coffee but remove butter and see if your skin gets better without brain fog.