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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for this article. I've learned a tremendous amount, not just about coconut oil, but oils in general. I love understanding things scientifically.
    So, thanks so much! I wish more articles went into the science behind phenomena.

    • Hi Stanley, coconut oil can protect the tear film layers from evaporation based on a pilot study, so it seems like a good eye drop for dry eyes.

      But because virgin coconut oil in general is also mildly acidic, so it can cause discomforting irritation to your eyes (my experience). For this reason, I personally do not recommend using coconut oil as an eye drop.

      I don't think using coconut oil as an eye drop will help improve short or long sightedness. But consuming it may help to slow the deterioration of eyesight.

      Coconut oil may help to improve blood flow. But it won't help to improve libido since I never see any libido improvement in myself over the past 11 years of eating lots of virgin coconut oil. I am still as normal as before.

    • For libido and prostate health including heart health, pomegranate seed seems to be of help. As always, consult your doctor when you want to include herbs along with your regular medicines.

  2. Does refined coconut oil work just as well! I caught a cold and all of a sudden 6 days later I got sharp stomach pain and throwing up,cold chills,sweating,etc the only thing later that helped was 3 cups of tropical green tea with 1 spoon of refined coconut oil in each cup. I also went to the obgyn and she told me my cervix was full of a thick white substance and I've had the nasuea stomach pain throwing up last month I think was triggered after an Epson salt baking soda bath

    • Hello Eisha, refined coconut oil has varied quality. Some have a few or even only couple of antiviral compounds while some have smoky stench and others may be odorless.

      So, depending on the kind of refined coconut oil you're having. If you use steam-refined coconut oil which has antiviral property that is close to unrefined coconut oil, it should work pretty well for fighting flu and helping with cold.

    • Hi Jerome, virgin coconut oil does contribute to raising acidity level when it breaks down into free fatty acids in your stomach. But its impact on hiking acidity level is minimal.

      My guess is, you must have eaten lots of junk food (such as high-sugar food or beverages, toxin-laden meat, fried stuff and other refined foods) recently that raise your risk of heartburn. Which is why when virgin coconut oil gets into your stomach you started to have acid reflux that causes heartburn. Heartburn hurts your throat.

      Right now, you need to include lots of vegetables in your diet to help with heartburn.

  3. Hi Soon Chai,

    I had mild chronic gastric 4 months back. After medication, my ulcer is gone but I have frequent indigestion and gaseous stomach each time after meals. I took slippery elm but not much help. I took yogurt and not much help either.

    I started on VCO two days ago. It made me feel better and reduced indigestion, bloating and gas.

    This morning I had a big spoonful after breakfast and right after my lunch I had diarrhea. I went to the toilet 4 times until the last one was just water.

    I am concerned about the acid reflux. Doctor say I can go back to nexium if I feel uncomfortable but I am scared of taking those that cause side effects.

    Is it safe for me to continue with VCO for my gastric?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Dickson, your body is "new" to virgin coconut oil. Allow ample time for your body to adapt to virgin coconut oil, otherwise, the result would be "diarrhea".

      It's definitely safe for you to eat it. But you need to go slow. Not one big spoonful after breakfast like you did on the 3rd day. That's too potent for your body to take it at that instant. You can actually start off with 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) per day. But be sure to spread it over the day, like 1 teaspoon with breakfast, 1 with lunch and the other dinner. Mix virgin coconut oil with food, always.

      • Hi Soon Chai,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Yes I have reduce my intake to 1 teaspoon twice or three times a day. And there is no sign of diarrhea.

        I still have the feeling of acid reflux after a heavy meal or meal with a bit of chicken. But I am mostly on diet meals like vegetarian.

        How long must I continue to take VCO before I can be cured? Can chronic gastric be cured?


        • Hi Soon Chai,

          I forgot to mention that I notice my blood pressure is higher at 143/85 even though I am taking the high blood pressure tab.

          Please advise if this is normal.

          Thank you.

        • Hi Dickson, no wonder you have frequent indigestion and gassy stomach. These are caused by taking heavy meal. Heavy meal always takes a toll on gastric, and over time your gastric performance will deteriorate.

          4 months ago you started to have mild gastric issue (with acid reflux), it's still not too late for you to reverse the condition now before it progresses to a more severe gastric problem.

          Now you really need some discipline to make sure every meal you take must not make you feel too full. 70% satiety level is the max you should go. People always think that eating full will help them last hunger longer. But this overloads your stomach with food and make your stomach overwork always.

          Imagine your boss keeps overloading you with heavy work, you'll definitely stress out one day and quit. Same principle applies to each and every organ of our body.

          You should learn to take small meals 4 – 5 times a day. This keeps you going but at the same time allows your gastric ample time to rest. And since your gastric has "fallen", it will take some time for it to recover. Harsh fact: It won't go back to its full functionality ever after being overworked for so many years.

          143 is a bit high. You must try to burn off some fats that compress your blood vessels causing the pressure. As you increase your coconut oil intake, your metabolism will improve to help burn fat. And so will your blood circulation that in turn help to lower your blood pressure level.

          • Hi Soon Chai,

            Thank you for your advice. I will go slow on my meals from now on.

            I forgot to mention that I am skinny and lost some more weight when I had gastric. I also noticed there was a very bit of blood in my stool this morning. And I have loose stool since my intake of VCO. I spoke to my doctor and he say it is quite normal besides the stress factor could have up the pressure a bit. My cholesterol level is normal and not on medication. I am not diabetic.

            I continue with 1 teaspoon after breakfast this.

            Thank you.

            • You're welcome, Dickson. But skinny doesn't mean you won't have liver fat or other fats that compress blood vessels. You just have to monitor your blood pressure level and I believe it will improve over the course of next several weeks after taking virgin coconut oil daily. Plus, you should gain back some weight since coconut oil can help improve digestion.

              Most people with gastric issue has one common bad habit... they delay hunger for too long. Keep this in mind, eat whenever you feel hungry. And if you're super hungry by the time you take your meal, don't wolf down everything in a flash to feed your hunger. This can "shock" your gastric and cause it go bonkers. Get a grip on yourself and begin with small bites (along with some warm soup) to let your gastric get used to the food slowly and increase your food intake gradually. 20 – 30 mins per meal is a good timeline.

          • Hi Soon Chai,

            Sorry to continue to ask questions.

            Today is the fifth day I am taking VCO.

            I notice my morning stool has indigested food and mild diarrhea during the day. Is this normal?

            Thank you.

            • Hi Dickson, indigested food is actually pretty normal even for people without gastric issue.

              When your bowels move faster, less fluid and nutrients will get absorbed. It could be the effect of virgin coconut oil that increases your bowel motility. You can reduce the motility by cutting back on your virgin coconut oil intake a bit so that your intestines can move slower a bit to absorb more nutrients and fluid.

              Also, you have gastric issue at present, so indigestion of food could also be the result of that.

          • Thank you Soon Chai,

            I will take your advise to cut back VCO for the time being.

            After I took VCO for the first time, my reflux, burping, bloating and gas stop. But today the burping is back and was burping the whole day even though I had small meals.

            Let's see if my mobility and burping will slow down after I cut back on VCO.

            Thank you again.

            • Hi Dickson, it takes many years for gastric to go down, so naturally it will take some time for it to get back up again.

              Virgin coconut oil is not an instant remedy. The first time you took it and it stopped your burp doesn't mean your gastric problem is gone for good. It actually is still there and it's going to stay for several weeks before you see improvement, of course, that's provided you're discipline enough to religiously follow through the tips I've mentioned.

              Your burping is due to your gastric issue, nothing much to do with VCO.

              Keep me posted. 😉

          • Hi Soon Chai,

            I have reduce my intake of VCO as of today. Let's see how it goes.

            Do you know if I need to take any vitamins or supplements besides VCO for my gastritis?

            Thank you.

            • Hi Dickson, I personally will leave my body's natural healing ability to run its course, with the help of virgin coconut oil since virgin coconut oil energizes cells and helps to repair. That said, I don't think you need any supplement. But you can ask around for other trusted opinions and who knows there might be a great supplement to further boost your recovery.

          • Hi Soon Chai,

            I am back.

            I would like to know if it's OK to take probiotics, VCO and enzymes at the same times. Will this cause any problems to my GI and digestion?

            Will VCO increase acidity in my stomach? I read somewhere indigestion is cause by insufficient acid.

            Thank you.

            • Hi Dickson, I think it's pretty safe to take all these together. However, you still have to try out since we all can react differently when we lump different (though good) things together. Take a small amount of probiotics and enzymes first, then increase progressively and gradually. Along the way, monitor their effects on you to make sure you don't suffer any adverse reactions from taking them.

              VCO contains 100% fatty acids. As the term suggest, they are acids. So, yes, VCO does increase acidity but not as much as we think. To digest food properly, not only our body relies on gastric acid, but also bile salts and pancreatic juice injected into the small intestines. Lack of bile salts and pancreatic juice may also contribute to poor digestion.