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  1. Hi Soon,

    I have had my total colon removed many years ago. I have an internal pelvic pouch made out of my small bowel.

    I have been using Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil on and off for awhile now. I don't use it everyday. However, I used one tbsp this morning as well as one tbsp a few times last week. I've noticed that I get extremely bloated and it gets worse as the day goes on. I was wondering if it's because I don't use it regularly and/or because one tbsp is too much for me at one time?

    What is the best way to slowly introduce it to my body?

    Also, could it be a problem taking it because I don't have my colon.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Warm regards

    • Hi Barb, how frequent is your bowel movement before starting on coconut oil?

      I ask you that because if you don't move well, the toxic waste that gets trapped in your small intestine may further be fermented by your gut bacteria and cause more gas. And when coconut oil enters and kills those bacteria, they may die and then rot to release toxins and produce gas as the by-products, which is the probable reason you're bloating when consuming coconut oil.

      For your case since you've had your colon removed, you should try to start off with just a teaspoon first every morning, daily. Doing it every day allows your body to "get to know" about coconut oil. And when you feel it works fine (without any "side effect") after 7 days or so, increase your daily intake to 2 teaspoons by adding one teaspoon to your lunch.

      The key to consuming coconut oil for health without having to suffer its "adverse reaction" is to go slow on increasing the intake until you can take up to 3 or even 4 tablespoons per day.

      Do not rush in the hope of gaining its health benefits quickly. If your body needs more time to "understand" coconut oil, give it.

  2. Thanks for your informative blog:)
    I have been using Nutivia organic CO in the glass jar since the summer along with a Paleo AIP diet. I was able to gradually increase my CO consumption to approx 4tbsps/day with no difficulty. Without any dietary changes, I started to develop a rash on my back a couple hrs after consuming the CO before Christmas. I had my husband rub the CO onto the rash and the hives stopped itching, but the rash never totally went away. After applying the CO to my back, approximately 30 mins later, I developed extreme facial flushing and red swollen cheeks. I had had the facial flushing previously before after consuming CO, but just brushed it off. I then stopped the CO entirely for a week. I then tried about 1/2 cup of coconut milk in a green smoothie and the same facial flushing occurred about 30 mins later. I badly want CO in my diet again for health reasons, but cannot get by this flushing reaction. I wonder if I have developed a sensitivity to the CO after all these months?
    I am now scared to even resume my oil pulling with CO. Is there anyway I can gradually resume the CO and coconut milk in my diet? I can drink 500 mls of coconut water every am with out any issues. I am just reacting to the coconut milk and oil. I have always used the Nutivia organic virgin oil in the jar and pure, no additives, coconut milk, same brand as always. Please help me find a solution to this dilemma.
    My joints and skin are missing my CO!

    Many thanks:)

    • Hi Mary, when did you start taking 4 Tbsps of virgin coconut oil?

      Virgin coconut oil helps boost metabolism. As you consume more, your metabolism may step into an overdrive, triggering an increase of toxin-purging activity that can induce rash or other skin reactions. It could just be a healing crisis, actually.

      I notice that Paleo AIP diet is not so healthy as it claims to be since it allows for meat consumption. Meat is very toxic by itself, even if the livestock is grass-fed. So, do you consume lots of meat?

      You love coconut oil and you very much wanted to keep having it for the health of your joints and skin, so the only solution to help you get around the skin reactions is to increase your whole food (especially dark green leafy vegetables) intake and decrease your animal-based food consumption. When your body becomes cleaner, the detox effect from coconut oil consumption would die down naturally, which means the "bad" reaction will mitigate.

      As for getting facial flushing, the increase in metabolic activity caused by medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil or coconut milk may improve the blood flow. In fact, the increase of blood flow occurs to the entire body. It's just that the enlargement of blood vessels to accommodate the increased blood flow appears more apparent on facial skin since facial skin is relatively thinner. That explains the blushing (and slight swelling) of your cheeks.

      I don't think you've developed a sensitivity to virgin coconut oil. I think after taking it for so many months, your body has become more sensitive to the bad stuff that invades your body and quickly try to expel it through the skin (that's why the rash), which is a good thing. Like a vigilant police force, it's able to quickly detect some bad guys that infiltrate into the force and then get rid of them before they cause much damage.

      Coconut water has very little MCFAs. That's why you don't feel a thing drinking it. Feeling nothing doesn't mean it's good. Getting undesirable reaction doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. What you can do to get past this "healing crisis" hurdle is to reduce your coconut oil intake to 2 Tbsps instead of keeping at 4 Tbsps per day. In the meantime, increase your vegetable and fruit intake to help make your body cleaner. Then slowly up the intake back to 3 or 4 Tbsps of coconut oil.

      • Hi Soon,

        Thanks for your reply:)

        I had been using the CO at 4 Tbsps for at least 2 mos no problems. I do not eat a lot of meat, only 1 portion a day. At least 75% of my diet is vegetables, esp green and orange veggies. I may eat 2 pieces of fruit max as I was concerned about the fructose content. I am esp concerned about the flushing as it has flared my dormant rosacea. Is it better to gradually re-introduce the coconut as CO or as coconut milk to avoid the flushing reaction and at what dose? I have been off CO except for the coconut water for almost 2wks now and would love to be able to re-introduce it safely. Would it have less of a reaction if I re-introduced it with food than without? And would it have less of a reaction if it were to be consumed with some protein rather than just with veggies? And at what dose to start? Sorry for so many questions, but I really want to get CO back into my life again. I feel my health was much better until the rashes and flushing came out of the blue.

        Thanks ever so much, Soon:)

        • Hi Mary, your health has actually turned for the better since your 4-Tbsps for 2 months. The outbreak of flushing and rosacea feel like a detox reaction to me.

          Like I previously said, your body could have become more vigilant and sensitive to bad things that get inside your body as coconut oil helps cleanse your body. The toxins in 1 portion of meat per day may now begin to "agitate" coconut oil and so coconut oil has to expel them through your skin as soon as it can. Of course, some people can live with 1 portion of meat with consumption of 4 Tbsps of coconut oil daily without any issue. That's because each of us has a different body constitution plus different medical conditions (as in your case, your joint problem).

          That said, I don't have a recommended dose for you. You'll have to find the best dose that gives you the health level you need and yet does not cause much reaction to you.

          Here's my suggestion though. Try cutting your 1 portion of meat down to ½ portion (reduce bit by bit gradually over the course of 4 to 8 weeks or longer, up to you), in the meantime, re-introduce your intake of coconut oil at 1 Tbsps daily WITH food and spread the 1 Tbsps over the day (this should be safe for you). Then increase the amount gradually till you hit 3 Tbsps over the course of 4 weeks. If 3 Tbsps start to give you some reactions, cut it back down to 2 Tbsps and allow your body to adapt to this 2-Tbsps even longer like 3 months or so before you up to 3 Tbsps. Trial-and-error was what I did when I started my coconut oil diet 11 years ago.

          Unless you make your own coconut milk from fresh, the milk you get from can or packet may have substances that work against the beneficial effect of coconut oil. I use coconut milk or cream occasionally. Coconut oil is the easiest form to let me consume every day for health benefits.

          You can mix coconut oil literally with any food. Proteins or veggies do not matter. But it definitely will give stronger and faster reaction when you take coconut oil without food and especially on an empty stomach. So, always make sure to eat coconut oil with food. I cook with coconut oil, add some more before serving. I don't use unsaturated oils because unsaturated oils easily oxidize and can intoxicate our body. If you cook with unsaturated oils, switch it to coconut oil, again, gradually.

    • Yes Irene, coconut oil can help weight loss. Just incorporate coconut oil into your diet. Take some calories off your meal and replace with coconut oil. For example, if your lunch normally carries 1500 kcal, you need to cut it down to 1370 kcal when you want to add one tablespoon of coconut oil, which carries about 130 kcal. You're still having 1500 kcal per meal though. But coconut oil will burn off as fuel and make you consume less calories as a whole. Need not be too precise in counting calories. Approximation will do.