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  1. Lemon juice stop diarrheal, so if you use lemonjuice as a flovaring it will cause constipation as well. You should use something else for flavor.

    • Hi Nereida, your skin will tighten on its own to eliminate the stretch marks. But how long it will take depends on how "stretchy" your skin has become post weight loss and how much skin-nourishing fruits and vegetables you're consuming. Coconut oil works to expedite the skin healing process since it helps to boost metabolism.

  2. Hi Soon Chai, I just came across your website and the information is very helpful. Thank you for all your research.

    I have a question about the different methods for eating the virgin coconut oil. Does the coconut oil lose some of its effect when it is heated? Does it lose some of its effect if heated above a certain degree?

      • Hi Aisha, adding to steaming hot coffee or tea does lessen coconut oil's effect because some phytonutrients in coconut oil will evaporate with the steam, albeit slowly.

        That means, only a very small degree of the oil's effect will be lost because the temperature of the tea or coffee would be less than 212 °F (100 °C), which is way below the damaging smoke point of coconut oil at 350 °F (177 °C).

    • Hi Aisha, virgin coconut oil breaks down at above 350 °F (177 °C). Meaning, it will lose its health and weight loss effects completely under prolonged exposure to such high heat.

      But if you're talking about temperatures way below that, virgin coconut oil may just lose some of its phytonutrients. Not much, really.

  3. i noticed drinking coconut all on empty stomach makes my poo comes with blood. i have ulcer could that be the reason of blood in my poo. please is scary

    • Fear not, Lara. Coconut oil does not cause poo bleeding. It's likely to be your ulcer (as you said) or internal hemorrhoid (pile) that bleeds when your poo "splashes" out. Go check with your doctor ASAP and it might just be a minor issue.

      Try not to "force" your poo out by drinking coconut oil on an empty stomach in future. Consume it with food or juice or smoothie and let your poo pass out more gently. Be nice to your intestines.