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  1. Will coconut oil reduce my cholesterol. since now m taking cholesterol and blood thining pill and probatic for my stomach. what is the best time to take coconut oil?

    • Hi Theresa, you can take coconut oil anytime you deem suitable. But I personally recommend morning and afternoon as the metabolism-boosting effect of coconut oil might lead to insomnia at night. As for your cholesterol question, some people said their cholesterol levels went up after taking coconut oil while my wife and her mother had their cholesterol levels lowered. In view of these, I think coconut oil doesn't really raise cholesterol. It is more on the overall diet and lifestyle a person is undertaking.

  2. Soon Chai, I've been taking Virgin unrefined coconut oil orally (2-3 Tblsp a day) for the last 3 months, putting it on my face far longer and oil pulling for 2-1/2 years. I've been getting horribly itchy skin all over and a rash on my wrist I can't get rid of. Could I be developing an allergy to it? Or should I try a different kind? I love all the health benefits of it, dropped my blood pressure back to normal, weight loss, great looking skin and energy. I hate to think about quitting it 🙁

      • I've been itchy for about 6 weeks. I started using Nutiva in a plastic container about then. I have allergies to milk, but not nut ones. I itch like crazy! I've been eating more processed and sugar close to the holidays. I had kidney stones about 2 weeks ago for the first time, not sure if there's a correlation. I quit taking coconut oil 2 days ago...still itchy. Wondering if there's a brand that's less likely to cause reactions in people?

        • Hi Kathy, first off, I don't think you're allergic to virgin coconut oil because you've been using it for as long as 2.5 years for oil pulling and far longer than 3 months for facial care.

          3 months of ingesting and you only started to have the itch 6 weeks ago. This is actually an indication by virgin coconut oil to tell you that you've been intoxicating your body lately. Like you said, you've been eating more processed food and sugar close to holidays. Sugar feeds Candida yeast. It also feeds bad bacteria. When you eat lots of sugar or high-refined-carb food (refined carb converts to sugar super fast), these harmful microbes will multiply like crazy.

          Coconut oil's main task is to wipe out those microbes to prevent them from colonizing and ravaging your body further.

          When these microbes die, they rot and release toxins. All living organisms (including humans and animals) will rot and produce toxins when they die. Microorganisms are no exception. Imagine, billions of them die. The tremendous amount of toxins they release can trigger adverse reactions such as headache or even migraine, body ache, nausea, dizziness, fever, fatigue, rash or hives (that make you itch like crazy) etc.

          Kidney stones are formed as a result of excessive calcium, oxalate and uric acid. This definitely is not part of the side effects of coconut oil, but it could be the effect of toxins released by the dead microorganisms that causes calcium, oxalate and uric acid to stick together to form kidney stones.

          You know, toxins are very unpredictable. When our body fails to get rid of them, they'll disturb our body's normal functions. Different people react differently to toxins and of course, the amount of toxins will determine the severity of the consequences.

          Check your diet for any excessive calcium and uric acid. Animal meat will raise your uric acid level. So, cut back on that where possible. Of course, you must make sure to drink adequate amount of water because lack of fluid does also contribute to "manufacturing" kidney stones.

          If there's a brand that won't cause any reaction to you, two possible reasons:

          1. You're eating extremely healthy that there's little toxins for coconut oil to expel. And so, you enjoy even greater health consuming quality virgin coconut oil.

          2. The brand packs low quality coconut oil, which is not true virgin coconut oil. Therefore, it does not help boost metabolism and purge toxins. And hence, has no impact on you even when you take lots of high-sugar food and meat and other junk foods.

          So, for the reactions you got, you can tell that the virgin coconut oil you're consuming is really a very good one. But there's another concern with that, it's packed in plastic container. I don't know if that plastic may have some connection with the adverse reaction.

          Stop taking coconut oil won't help you in the long-term. It's actually good to have coconut oil protecting you. True, when you don't take coconut oil, those "side effects" may gradually fade off. But in actual fact, your body would become a warehouse for storing toxic substances. When the time ripens and they flare, you could probably be in terminal stage of cancer or other degenerative diseases.

          Holidays or not, just be extremely careful with what you eat and bring into your body. You might feel like not joining your friends or family for the food will make you a spoilsport, but think about the consequences you may have to face. You suffer while they may not. You have the choice.

          Oh, since you're not taking coconut oil orally and the itch is still there, try rubbing virgin coconut oil on your skin and it should help mitigate your itch in 5 – 10 mins.

          Did I miss out any questions of yours? Let me know. By the way, Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year! 😉

          • OK, My rash is still present, but less severe. I've cut back on the coconut oil for sanity sake. I'm cutting way back on meat, no sugars or processed food and lots and lots of water. Sticking to whole foods as much as possible. A friend sent me an article stating the correlation between kidney stones and renal failure, even though I only showed trace protein in my urine with the stones. Freaky to think about! I'm also taking burdock to cleanse my blood and give my kidneys a break. Rash is mainly on my arms the worst, the both right and left low back. I was major welts and 24 hour itching, the burdock helps a lot. Could a die off really be lasting 3+ weeks? ANything other ideas to mitigate the rash and get flushed? Other then the rash, I feel fine. No other symptoms. Help! 🙂

            • Hi Kathy, did you try applying coconut oil for your welts? I do have itchy welts sometimes right after a hot shower or when the weather gets super hot or probably due to some food I have taken, but after applying coconut oil they'll disappear in 30 mins or so.

              It's very hard to tell whether you're still experiencing the die-off because toxins are difficult to deal with and they can be stored in the tissues for ages and stubborn to get purged.

              Take acne treatment with coconut oil, some people got breakouts so severe for several weeks that they almost give up but they stick through the "crisis" and start to see their pimples shrinking and skin clearing day after day.

              So, you might have so much toxins right inside your tissues that they could take a long time to be purged. If rubbing coconut oil does not help, try to surf online for other natural remedies like using cold compress, taking an oatmeal bath, using chamomile tea or treating with aloe vera etc.

  3. So I just got a sore throat yesterday. My cough showed up today. I looked on this site and decided I'll give the coconut oil pulling a try. Today is day 1. When I first started, it was ok, but about ten minutes in I started coughing like CRAZY so I spit it all in the garbage. I thought I would throw up, but I had an empty stomach so instead I just coughed and spit up mucus. I then brushed my teeth and my mouth feels nice. To my surprise, the swelling and itching in my throat has calmed down quite a bit. I'm feeling much better now so I'm gonna have a little soup and binge the Doctor Who marathon. I may try this again tonight before I sleep. I'll try to keep updating with my results for anyone who may wander onto this site during this upcoming flu/cold season! 😉

    • Hi Christa, it is the mucus that blocks your airway which triggers cough, so able to spit out mucus (actually, phlegm) can help ease your cough for the time being before the next pooling of mucus.

      You should in fact try to consume coconut oil for flu so that its antiviral compounds can help you fight and kill the virus inside your body. At the same time, expedite the healing of your respiratory tract via an increase in metabolism. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience. Looking forward to your updates.

    • Hi Stephanie, if you cannot bear with the pain, you can stop taking coconut oil right away until you feel better. Then when you resume, start off with 1 teaspoon daily and maintain for a week and see what happens. If it goes well for you, then increase to another teaspoon and so on until you're able to take a few tablespoons per day without much "side effects".

  4. I just tried using cream of coconut as whipped topping. SO good. In fact, it is SO good that I am still not sure it can be ok for me to eat if I need to lose any weight!
    Moderation - I know. But to be clear - ARE we talking about the thick stuff that is on top in the cream of coconut can? For the whipped topping, we pour out the watery part and save it for another use and then whip the thick cream and flavor with vanilla or maple syrup in a small qty. I have used coconut oil for cooking. Have never purchased coconut butter so not sure what that actually is.

    • Hi Julie, eating coconut cream does help to burn some fat. But the result is not as encouraging as when you take coconut oil. This is because coconut oil has much more medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) than coconut cream (the layer that floats on top in the can) and coconut milk (the watery portion that's below the thick cream).

      It's MCFAs that will kick your metabolism to high gear. So, coconut oil performs better in weight loss. Since you're using coconut oil for cooking, you can add some more to the cooked food before serving to help increase your intake of MCFAs.

      Coconut butter is actually made from puréeing dried coconut meat. Because of that, whatever nutrients coconut meat contains you'll find them in coconut butter as well. It tastes sweet because of its natural coconut sugar in it. You can spread it over your bread or use it as a filling for puffs or sandwich cookies. It's gonna make you drool (slurp!) if you love coconut flavor like me.

      We use Artisana Organic Coconut Butter and Nutiva Organic Coconut Manna (actually, butter also), both are great but my wife feels that Artisana gives a finer and better texture. You can give it a shot.