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  1. I suffer from radiation burn to my back passage ( anus ). Does coconut oil help if
    I apply it to the affected area.
    Many thanks

  2. hi soon,
    i gave birth 4 months ago and breastfeeding is going on.. is it okay to have virgin coconut oil in my daily intake? is it safe for the baby? but now im using the coconut oil as my after bath oil all over my body..thank you.

    • Hi Tracy, virgin coconut oil contains good amount of lauric acid and capric acid that are also present in human milk. When you consume virgin coconut oil, your breast milk will increase in lauric acid and capric acid, plus other germ-fighting compounds that will then pass on to your baby through breastfeeding.

      Also, because taking virgin coconut oil can kick your metabolism into high gear, your nutrient absorption power will rise too. That means you'll be able to produce high quality breast milk for your baby. And when your baby receives that, he or she will be able to absorb nutrients fast from the food and be well protected against harmful viruses, bacteria and other germs.

      But please do not rush and start off with 2 tablespoons in one go. Too much coconut oil at first may trigger side effects. Start with just one tablespoon per day spreading over your 3 meals. And from there slowly increase your intake until you're good with taking 3 or more tablespoons daily.

    • Hi Cynthia, breaking out rash is actually normal (and quite common) with consuming coconut oil as it is cleansing your system of any toxins you have accumulated in the past. Different people react differently depending on their body's toxic levels and the amount of coconut oil they take. This is a healing crisis in fact. But many people do not realize this and freak out. It's a shame!

      What kind of coconut supplements are you taking? Is it virgin coconut oil in softgels like 1000 mg in a capsule that sort? And how much are you taking per day that effect an outbreak of rash?

      • Hello...I've had genital herpes for 3years..recently started taking unrefined vco..first day I had diarrhoea but it went after a few chills and headache third day..fourth day got the outbreak and its now 5days after but the outbreaks don't seem to b going away...I keep getting new ones everyday while the old ones dry up after applying the coconut on a sugar free diet and drink a lot of water plus it normal for the outbreaks to keep coming or the vco is not working anymore...I take three tablespoons a worried is it ok to get the persistent outbreaks

  3. Dear Soon, thank you for the best explanation of the benefits to using coconut oil that I have read.
    I have been adding a tbsp of virgin coconut oil to my breakfast coffee which is tasty and seems to give me a boost in the morning. I will take your advice and include a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil with each meal.

  4. Hi I just started using Coconut oil on my face, body and started getting this rush all over my body should I stop the use of this before it gets worse. It's already bad enough.

    • Hi Enid, it could be the detox (side) effect of coconut oil. If you're afraid, stop using coconut oil until the rash calms down.

      If you feel like using coconut oil again, be sure to use only organic virgin coconut oil. And this time around, start with just a thin layer applied over a small area on your skin for at least a week to see if there's any reaction again.

      In the meantime, try to eat more greens and fruits to help carry toxins away from your skin so that when you re-apply coconut oil, the toxin-purging effect through your skin will be less severe.