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  1. When u say add to food, do u mean cook with it or what? I can't drink coffee. What foods is it good on and how do u use it? Does it taste like coconut, uch? There's no way I'm eating a spoonful of oil! HELP!

    • Hi Lana, you can cook your food with coconut oil or you can just add coconut oil raw to food before serving.

      For example, you can fry brown rice with coconut oil. And this fried brown rice will have a coconut-y flavor provided you use good quality virgin coconut oil. Or you can simply add coconut oil raw to your cooked brown rice, whichever way you prefer.

      Adding straight to smoothie or juice is a good way to gain coconut oil's health benefits too.

      Coconut oil also makes a great dip for bread if you're okay with it. Some people love to just eat it by spoonful. Like you, I don't like eating this way. So, I always mix coconut oil with food or cook my food with it or pour it over my green smoothie.

      To me, coconut oil goes well with literally all kinds of food. You'll have to explore and experiment to see which food goes well with coconut oil based on your palate.

      • It is so good with sweet potato! Also you can melt raw cacao butter and coconut oil and mix with cacao powder to make homemade chocolate. You can sweeten with maple syrup or honey or stevia. Also good with peppermint added. My non dairy kids also put it on white potatoes, sometimes just a chunk inside a potato skin like a coconut oil taco. I've also just put a T in my soup to make sure I get some every day. I do sauté meat and veggies with it but the raw is so good for you. You will probably notice other improvements in your health that you didn't expect.

    • Hi Rosemary, I've read quite a few bloggers claiming that coconut oil has got rid of their sebaceous cysts. But I can't promise that it will do the same to yours. Anyway, no harm trying coconut oil on your sebaceous cysts.

  2. Hi I'm Zeus 23 years old. I'm suffering from a lot of breakout that started last January 2016. I'm using Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic) and coconut oil for my face. Is it normal to have too much break out because of using this natural remedies?
    please answer.

    • Hello Zeus, it's normal for these natural remedies to trigger breakout on your face as both apple cider vinegar (ACV) and coconut oil are detoxifying. Which means you're probably having lots of toxins buried beneath your skin. But it is also abnormal to have breakout since this means that something is wrong with you internally, particularly your liver.

      I suggest you choose either ACV or coconut oil for acne. Stick to one remedy throughout the course of treatment because no one knows what can really happen when ACV meets coconut oil – could they be causing more skin cells to shed (and hence, more severe breakouts) when you combine them for use on your face?

      Years ago, I sprained my right wrist in a cycling fall and I applied two effective TCM ointments to the sprained zone. I thought combining them both would help my wrist heal faster. The part where I applied two ointments was burning the entire night and I thought it was just a "normal" reaction. The next morning I woke up and shocked to see that the skin tissue had severely "eroded". It was a third-degree burn. It looked really awful and had left an irremovable scar on my wrist. So, beware of any adverse reaction whenever you're attempting to combine two remedies for any treatment.

    • 10% salicylic acid(easily found online)with a quality .25mm derma-roller every other day with hyaluronic serum and/or coconut oil in the days between, will work wonders very quickly.

  3. I did experience a worsening of my regualar symptoms (cystic acne and general exhaustion) as soon as I started incorporating coconut oil to my diet. My educated guess would be that dying pathogens (most likely a member of the Candida specie) unleash a larger amount of their usual junk.

    I sure hope this will lead me to something good, and not just ruin my liver and immune system !

    • Hi Sam, pathogens release toxins when coconut oil kills them. But when Candida yeast cells die, they can release as much as 70 or even 80 different toxins. Which is a lot!

      At this rate, it could be hard on your liver as it needs to handle so much toxins and may not have the "time" to regulate sebum (skin oil). And thus, causing the acne breakout. Feeling exhausted is normal in the meantime.

      Stick with coconut oil, but reduce its amount to minimize the detox effect. Also, cut back on meat and refined food. Increase your whole food intake (I hope you're not a smoker or drinker). Your health as well as skin should get better. If your condition doesn't improve, something could have gone wrong internally with you that the beneficial coconut oil has no effect upon. Go for a health check if you're worried.