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  1. Hi Soon Chai, I see here a nice discussion. I am curios, are you a vegan? So eating meat does cause a lot of problems to the body? Then if you are a vegan eating proteins from veggies provide the same results as the proteins from meat?

    • Hi Constantin, I'm a vegetarian, not a full vegan yet but close to it because I take really very little dairy and egg products (normally left over by my parents when they can't finish the food). But I'm very strict to making sure my food does not contain meat because I don't eat my friends. You know, like little chicks. They look so cute but when they grow up and become chicken, they have to get killed and become our food. I can't bring myself to such cruelty.

      Not just that, meat also causes lots of health issues.

      If meat does not cause problems to the body, then why are doctors around the globe telling their patients to take more fruits and vegetables and less meat? If meat does not cause problems to the body, then why are the majority of skin care products not derived from meat but instead from plant? If meat does not cause problems, then why do many smart athletes (most of them are meat-eaters) restrict their meat intake one or two months before competition?

      There are tons of evidence to show that meat causes problems. Meat is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Have you heard of anyone who has got cancer take more meat and cure? Not a single one. Meat will only make their condition even worse and cause them to die faster. But you probably have read from news that someone with cancer has got back his or her life after stopping meat and starting to eat only plant food, right?

      I used to be a hardcore meat-eater and severe constipation (for an entire month) and frequently falling sick were the end results. As I began to take less meat but more vegetables, fruits and other plant foods, my health improved by leaps and bounds as I was able to move bowels more frequently. And ever since I stopped meat completely 22 years ago, I have been feeling super as my body is having less toxins. But you gotta try it yourself to feel what I feel.

      Veggies (I assume you're referring to only vegetables) do not provide much protein. You can easily obtain protein from beans, nuts and seeds. Soy products like tempeh, tofu and soy milk are the easiest and fastest way (in my opinion) to feed protein. If you're still skeptical of whether eating plant food can provide enough protein, you can google for "vegan bodybuilder". Their super tight muscles will make your jaw drop. You can also find out what they eat that makes them what they are.

  2. Hi. I've been having trouble going for the past ten days. Laxatives have helped but I don't want to keep using them for fear of becoming dependent. Drinking tons of water and lots of fruit and veg. I east some meat but not too much. Very healthy diet. Last night I took two stool softeners but then read your blog and these posts. Decided to also take a tablespoon of organic extra virgin cocnut oil (glass jar). This morning I had another tblspoon in my coffee and then one more off the spoon, followed by a large glass of water. It worked and I'm glad but now feel quite weak and rather gross (upset stomach). Is this to be expected and do you have any suggestions? Thanks Btw I've been using CO for several months now for cooking and on skin and hair and I'm a big fan. First time taking it straight up for constipation tho. Thx again

    • Hi Brad, laxatives not only will make you dependent on them, your body will soon become impervious to their effect. Laxatives can desensitize your bowels' natural urge to get rid of waste too.

      It's normal feeling weak after a detox from virgin coconut oil due to massive loss of water and sodium (and other electrolytes). Replenish them and you should feel strong again.

      You've had a bit too much that upsets your stomach, which is normal too. Stop your intake of the oil until your stomach recovers.

  3. Hi Soon,
    I've read that some people with Parkinson's Disease have experienced relief of their symptoms (tremors, stiffness of muscles, ect...) by incorporating Coconut Oil into their diet on a daily basis. Have you heard of this or have any thoughts on the subject?

    • Hi Chris, people with Parkinson's disease have issues absorbing glucose (insulin resistance) into the brain cells called neurons for coordinating and controlling bodily movement. Over time these neurons may weaken and die when glucose fails to reach them which then cause tremor of the hands, legs and jaw etc as a result.

      Taking coconut oil does help with Parkinson's disease since its medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) will be converted to ketone bodies (by the liver) as an alternative fuel that will flow to the brain to feed the weak and dying neurons. Of course, the earlier you detect the symptoms of Parkinson's disease the quicker will be the recovery with regular and adequate consumption of coconut oil. But for those who have developed into stage 5, I'm afraid coconut oil may only help a little.

      However, it's still good to eat coconut oil every day for strengthening immunity and prevention of other diseases. Before getting started, please learn about the potential side effects of taking coconut oil first.

  4. I was just sitting on the toilet with the worst poo pains and diareah and decided to Google can coconut oil give you poo pains and make you feel nausea as I've been having a table spoon of it every day for the last five days and i came across your site. Thank you so much for all the information on this message board, it's got me through a tough 20 minutes on the toilet and thank God I was at home when this occured unlike poor phil who was caught out at work... I now plan on a coconut free day tomorrow and then building up to a table spoon instead of just jumping in.