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  1. Hello,
    I have been using refined coconut oil for 16 days now to relieve my dry skin. I apply liberally to my entire body 1-2 times a day. On day 10, I woke in the middle of the night with a pretty bad migraine and muscle aches. Since then, I've been having daily intermittent migraines throughout the day and night. It continues to wake me up in the middle of the night. I have also switched to coconut oil and coconut water for consumption but not in the quantities recommended because I wanted to start slow.
    Are the migraines a result of the type of oil I'm using, or coconut oil in general? And how long will this last.

    • Hi Sophoeun, sorry to reply late, just returned from a short trip.

      It's difficult to tell if your migraine is caused by the use of refined coconut oil. As far as my experience is concerned, coconut oil (whether refined or virgin) does not trigger migraine. It improves blood circulation upon consumption and so it should help to relieve migraine instead. Moreover, it's only on the 10th day then you experience that.

      Are you able to track back and recall what you did on day 7 to 9 that could have caused your muscle to ache and migraine on day 10? Did you sleep well during that period? Did you drink enough water? Did you suddenly increase the intake of meat since meat contains lots of toxins that can intoxicate your cells and cause all sorts of problems including poor blood circulation that in turn leads to headache or migraine? Did you suddenly get back to working out after staying sedentary for months or suddenly increase the intensity of your regular workout routine? You just have to try to recall and nab the real "culprit".

      It's right for you to start slow on coconut oil. Even if you use a poor quality coconut oil, the result would be feeling nauseous rather than migraine.

  2. hi soon chai.. am happy to read you blog about coconut oil for weight loss and i guess it would work well for me.. and I would like to ask you one thing.. will the coconut oil helps in reducing breast size ?? or can you suggest other natural home remedies for reducing the size..

    • Hello Radha, sorry to keep you waiting, just returned from Vietnam.

      When coconut oil burns fat, it cannot choose which to burn or which not to. It depends on how your body utilizes stored fat and decides which part of fat to let go first.

      But in most cases of losing weight with coconut oil, the breast size will reduce along with fat reduction in other parts of body. It would be funny to lose just the breast size while keeping the fats in your waist, buttocks, thighs and arms intact.

      There's no natural remedy to reduce just the breast size, don't fall into those tricks and don't spend a dime on that. The only thing you can do is (in my opinion), try doing some chest-stretching exercises because when you work out a particular part of your body, you would notice that particular part is unlikely to store fat. Go to Youtube and source for some safe yet effective chest workout routine.

      • Thank u soon that was helpful .. so how do i take coconut oil in my diet? is it ok to just have two spoons of coconut oil daily after meals?? please suggest me on this... because i would really want to reduce my overall weight... and how long i should take coconut oil for best result...

        thank you

        • Hi Radha, coconut oil provides natural weight loss and natural weight loss takes time. Also, it depends on how much body fat you need to burn. Of course, the more excess fat you have, the longer you would need to take coconut oil.

          However, I suggest that you change your perspective on coconut oil and don't treat it like a weight loss tool. Because you won't stick to it for long when it fails to give you quick result.

          Treat coconut oil as a food.

          Add it to every meal of yours. In general, 3 – 4 tablespoons daily are good enough to reverse your sluggish metabolism. But if you can go beyond that amount that would be even better.

          When you treat coconut oil as any food you're taking, it would become a staple in your diet. This makes losing weight with coconut oil easier for you. Coconut oil is good for health too. Hence, you should continue taking it even when you have achieved your desired size.

  3. I am taking coconut oil tablets from GNC. Organic and supposedly nothing else in the tablets. The instructions call for two tablets before each meal. I take two in the morning and two in the evening. I have been experiencing such severe dizziness and this is the only thing I can think of that would bring this on. I eliminated everything else. I thought it was the Apple Cider Vinegar and I stopped that but still have the dizziness so I think it is not the ACV. Can it be the coconut oil tablets causing the dizziness? Should I cut back to one per day and would one per day be beneficial? Thanks.

    • Hi Karen, each GNC softgel contains only 1 g (1000 mg) of virgin coconut oil. If taking 4 grams (not even a teaspoon) daily can have such an impact on you then I would say coconut oil is too amazing.

      Since when did you start getting that severe dizziness? Did you get it as soon as you start taking the softgels? Dizziness could be a symptom of Candida die-off. But I don't think it's the effect of coconut oil because it is too small an amount to effect anything. Why not you stop the softgels for a week and see if your dizziness will go away.

      Do you also have (virgin) coconut oil in jar? If you take that and it doesn't cause dizziness, then it could be the softgel that is giving you the problem since most softgels on the market are made from animal-based substances that may contain antibiotic, hormone residues and diseased animal tissues. You're better off with virgin coconut oil in veggie softgels which is safer.

      Honestly, taking softgels (or capsules) is a good way to get started with coconut oil but not too beneficial for health since the health-promoting effect of a few grams of coconut oil daily can easily get offset by the harmful chemicals in refined food and toxins in meat. Don't forget that we're inhaling some degree of polluted air as well.

      Unless you're eating lots of vegetable greens and fruits and grains, I highly recommend you to take virgin coconut oil in jar since you can gulp it down in tablespoons (one = 14 grams). It's a lot cheaper this way as well.

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