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  1. Pls help my 1 year old baby witn bad constipation. I have been helping her bowel everyday with vaseline and Qtip. And her stool not that smooth, it is chunky and a very large amount. I can tell what she eat on her bowel as well. I started give her coconut oil morning half tbsp and everning half tbsp. And the next day, i still help her but stool come out just a little. No more bloating her stomach, and she is hungry faster. She eat more. I think maybe the oil help her to absord the nutrition. Am i right? I feed her oatmeal along with vesgie, fruits and formula.

    • Hi Vera, coconut oil does help improve nutrient absorption. It seems that your baby is improving as she does not have bloating anymore. How much veggies and fruits were you feeding her? Too much fiber intake can make her difficult to pass stool as well. Go slow on her fiber intake and make sure she drinks enough water. Her coconut oil consumption, in my opinion, is good. But see if you can add another half tablespoon to her lunch.

      Also, baby formula often causes constipation. No one knows what the real reason behind. I think it's because baby formula is too processed. Unnatural food that goes into our stomach tends to trigger adverse reaction. If her constipation does not seem to improve, take her to a certified pediatrician for a check-up.

  2. Hi, after reading about this early today, I got myself a regular breakfast and a cup of coffee at 10:05am. I added to my coffe a tablespoom of my olganic Crisco coconut oil i use for cooking, since i being constipated for the last couple of day. It is 1:55pm and I already when to the bathroom with no crank or pain. I started thinking it is working on me. Thanks.

  3. HI
    I have alopecia aerate for 7 years, i tried many different treatments from herbs to cortisone. nothing worked. i have modified my diet and there is very little response.
    do you think eating and applying coconut oil directly on my scalp will help regrowing my hair?
    thank you.

    • Hello Aida, the answer is unfortunately no. Coconut oil only helps to strengthen the existing hair by preventing loss of protein and moisture, but it won't help to regrow hair when there is no hair on the scalp. Dr. Bruce Fife, author of The Coconut Oil Miracle has tried on himself, but the top of his head remains hairless after years. That's the best proof.

      I know there are articles everywhere on the web claiming that coconut oil helps to regrow hair. That's not true in most cases. Too much hype about coconut oil can lead you in the wrong direction.

    • Hi Soon!

      I absolutely love this blog and thank you for kindly sharing. I have a response to Aida's question and a return question for you. Aida I have suffered from thinning hair and have done a lot of research. Seemingly, alopecia sufferer' s have toxins in the kidney and liver. Being that coconut oil can kill these toxins, Soon wouldn't you think that the oil could help?

      Much luck Aida.


      • Hi Autumn, when our hair follicles do not get adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients they need for strengthening hair, thinning of hair and hair loss will take place. But what causes that?

        Toxins in the body (that our liver and kidney have to deal with) can upset our hormonal and pH balance, leading to a disorder that causes weak blood flow to our scalp. This is one reason. Another reason is the formation of excessive DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from testosterone. DHT affects the absorption of nutrients and oxygen into the hair follicles.

        Now, coconut oil does not really kill toxins, in my opinion. It actually helps to energize cells so that cells are able to expel toxins on their own. Also, coconut oil may help to inhibit the formation of DHT. But so what?

        If we continue to force ourselves to stay wide awake at night to pub, booze and socialize or play games or watch our favorite TV programs, or we're taking a really poor diet that contains lots of toxin-laden meat with very pathetic intake of the natural greens or other wholesome foods, or we allow yourself to high-sugar intake that fluctuates our hormones, coconut oil can't help much.

        Ultimately, it all boils down to changing the way we live and eat. And the quicker we make changes, the quicker we could stop hair loss and probably regrow some hair.

    • Also, I have researched the positive effects coconut oil has on the thyroid/Hilton's and in turn can lead to alopecia causing hair to weaken, thin and or fall out. Coconut is known for killing fungi that also contributes to alopecia. Soon, your feedback?


      ...sorry for the back to back post. ☺

      • Hi Autumn, fungal infection on your scalp can cause patches of hair loss. You can try applying coconut oil to the affected area and coconut oil should help. Coconut oil does help to fix low thyroid problem also. When your metabolism returns to its active state, it'll help to improve your overall bodily functions.

  4. Hello Soon Chai,
    My name is Jessy and I have been suffering from sharp needle-like pain, that last only a few seconds, throughout my body for the last month and a half. I had been using Coconut oil body wash and coconut oil body lotion since August.
    Is there any chance the pain comes from using these products?

    • Hey Jessy, welcome on board!

      Very unlikely the pain comes from using coconut oil since it seems okay for you in Aug and early Sep. You're actually not alone since there are many people out there having something similar to yours. They don't take coconut oil. Are you on some kind of medication right now? That could be the reason.

      Nevertheless, stop coconut oil for 2 weeks and see if the sharp pain still occurs or not. If yes, go for a body check-up or consult a neurologist.

  5. Hi Sir. This is Narayan.
    I was on low carb diet to reduce my weight. Combined with regular exercise I lost 33 lbs in 3 months. I think this diet has resulted in constipation and Fissure. (Very bad painful experience)

    After I started following your site, I am using VIRGIN Coconut oil from last 1 month(1 table spoon after Lunch and 1 table spoon after Dinner) , I exercise regularly and large portion of my diet is Vegetables and fruits. I also take 1+1 table spoon of Isabgol ( Psyllium Husk) .
    I take coconut oil with water and Isabgol soaked in Water.

    I do not have constipation any more. My stool is very soft since last 15 days.

    But my Fissure is not getting cured; I am applying coconut oil twice and also am into Sitz Bath twice a day.

    Even with soft stools I experience pain in my anal area for 4 to 6 hours. If I use pain killer things are normal or else it’s paining.

    Once my constipation was cured the pain reduced by 50% but since last 15 days no more improvement in reduction of pain.

    Kindly suggest me to get this pain relived.

    Narayan M.

    • Hi Narayan, how long did you spend in sitz bath each time? Making your buttock wet can prolong the healing of your fissure (inflammation will get worse too). You should stand and bathe, where possible.

      Also, your stool may have turned soft, but if the size is bulky, it may cause some pain as well. Try to cut your intake of Psyllium husk by half because it is very fibrous and super water-absorbent (due to high content of mucilage) and hence, can create a big bulky stool, albeit soft.

      Applying coconut oil gently to the fissure can help. But if the pain persists after several days even when you stop your sitz bath, go see a doctor to check if there is any infection or complication taking place. Just in case.

      Gentle Reminder: You shouldn't have done that crash diet in the first place because low-carb (high-protein) is a very "constipated" diet that can form super hard stool which easily causes anal fissure. Keep in mind to never do that again even when you gain weight in the future for whatever reasons. There are healthy (though slow) ways to lose weight without leading to adverse consequences.