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  1. Soon, I have tried this for the past 4 days and it has not helped at all--I have diverticulitis and am currently on Linzess 290--I feel like I will probably end up gaining weight because I am consuming 3 tablespoons of Coconut oil a day with no effects. Yes, I go potty but not how I think this should be working--I did buy the Organic Unrefined Coconut oil--is this normal?

    • Welcome back, Mindy. Linzess is meant for normal IBS. Your case doesn't seem like one. You might want to consider stopping your Linzess intake (please discuss with your doctor first) because it is diverticulitis that upsets your normal bowel function causing constipation, even when you take virgin coconut oil. What's more critical at this juncture is to reduce the inflammation in your diverticulum. Coconut oil is good at reducing inflammation, but how strong its effect on your diverticulitis will depend on the severity of your condition and how much coconut oil you can take in a day.

      That said, you should continue to take coconut oil. Don't worry about weight gain, coconut oil won't cause that or I would have been an obese already since I'm taking more than 3 tablespoons every day and for 10 years.

      On top of that, if you're at work, you must consciously remind yourself to stay calm and relax or the mental stress you've got will stiffen up your bowel muscles, aggravating your constipation.

  2. Hi my name is Andrew and I've been suffering for the past seven years from oral thrush white coated tongue accompanied with bad breath smelling like female menstral cycle or male genitlia for some odd reason. Are these ailments from the candida albicans ? And I crave sugar like crazy. Im an athlete and it does affect my social life and training performance. I just recently discovered Coco oil and experienced the die off symptoms. How long should I keep up with taking Coco oil and staying away from sugar because I miss eating my chocolate covered coconut bites.. lol

    • Hi Andrew, you should continue eating coconut oil as part of your daily life rather than letting it go once your oral thrush is over because sugar-lovers can easily bring Candida yeast back to life again (sugar feeds Candida). Meaning, you're very prone to getting Candida.

      Other than keeping Candida off, taking coconut oil daily can also help reduce your needs for sugar as coconut oil provides energy. With coconut oil, you don't have to stay away from sugar since we need sugar for brain function. Additionally, you need it for your athletic performance. Just keep in mind to always only take the necessary amount of sugar for your needs and nothing more than that.

  3. I just had an upper and lower GI test done yesterday and couldn't rest/pass today yet so tried some in warm tea with lemon. We shall see if this works, but think it will!

    • Hi Jennifer, other than trying coconut oil with your lemon tea, keep your body relaxed.

      When we feel constipated we tend to pre-occupy our mind with the hope of relieving constipation. This mental stress can unwittingly cause physiological stress that tightens up our intestinal muscles that in turn lead to poor bowel movement. Go do something which will make you relax and once you feel more relaxed, your bowel muscles will loosen up and "swoosh"... the toxic waste will glide out.

  4. There are many benefits to coconut oil, but it has its down side too. Unlike olive oil and fats from otherS like avocado, coconut oil is very high on saturated fats (about 70 to 80 percent). This is what your body uses to create LDL. If you have high cholesterol, you should avoid this oil.