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  1. Hi Soon, I started taking vco 1 tbs mixed into coffee & unsalted butter creating the Bullet coffee effect. I felt nauseous hours later & throughout the day. I might have read somewhere that this could be indigestion & that if a digestive enzyme is taken would solve the problem. Do you know if this is true? If so, what enzyme would you recommend?

    • Hi Rashidah, you have probably ingested too much fats that your body cannot handle and digest at a time, and so the nausea feeling.

      You don't need digestive enzymes. All you need is just a few hours of fasting and your body will eventually return to its functional state. You can drink some water in the meantime to keep your body hydrated.

    • Hi Deb, not many companies are bold enough to invest in MCT powder because it's not as popular as MCT oil, so you have very limited choices at this point. But you definitely will see more choices in the near future.

      You can go to any nearby health food stores and check with them. Or you can buy online and try out Nutiva MCT powder, which is more convenient for you. And read over the label, fine print and reviews carefully.

      Bear in mind that MCT powder is not as pure as MCT oil because manufacturers will need to add stuff like tapioca maltodextrin or others such as corn fiber, lecithin (emulsifier) etc in order to turn it into powder. Also, MCT powder costs more than MCT oil since it requires additional processing into powder form.

  2. Hello
    Im rochelle im taking now a vco. 3x a day and apple cider together. Its actually my second day now. Wen my 1st take of vco i fell sleepy the whole day and tiredness.
    Its normal or is that ok to take that two together??
    Pls let me know your answer, i really need to know.
    Thans soon

    • Hi Rochelle, I have both apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil but I don't usually take them together except during meals (food cooked in virgin coconut oil and then dipped into apple cider vinegar to enhance flavor). Nothing happens when I eat them this way (probably I have become seasoned).

      Apple cider vinegar promotes growth of healthy bacteria while coconut oil fights harmful bacteria (it may also kill some friendly bacteria by accident). And I suspect it's the die-off of bacteria that causes you to feel tired.

      Or it could be that you were having Candida (did you have symptoms like athlete's foot, toenail fungus or digestive issues) and when Candida yeast got killed by virgin coconut oil, they will release toxins that cause fatigue and dizziness as well.

      What you can do now is separate the intake of virgin coconut oil from apple cider vinegar for a few days and see what happens.

  3. Hi Soon,

    I hope you can help me. I have red skin on the nose, it spreads to both of my chins. It looks like the skin are infected somehow. I have tried to apply some coconut oil on the "rash", after applying it, my skin burns, not constantly but randomly during the day. Is that a normal reaction? Because of the anti-bacterial effect that the coconut contains. Ihave only use the coconut oil 2 days now.

    • Hi Mikkel, did your red skin on the nose just occurred recently? If it's bacterial infection, coconut oil may have an impact on it and the random burning sensation you felt could be a healing crisis. But it may not be the case.

      Do you smoke, consume alcohol, or take spicy food? These can trigger redness around your nose and even your chin. Over-exposing yourself to cold and dry weather can trigger that as well.

      I suggest that you try to pinpoint the causes of your redness and then eliminate the causes rather than using coconut oil without knowing what exactly is causing the redness around your nose. If you insist on putting coconut oil, try for another day and if no improvement, seek help from a skin specialist.

  4. Hi, I have to eat extremely health (veggies, fruits...), drink plenty of water in order to have regular bowel movements.(I do not eat red meat). Exercise at least 3 times a week. I also take benefiber twice a day. I am trying to stop using miralax ( I take less than half a dose a day now). Seems like I have more constipation when I am stressed. I drink one cup of Kefir a day. Do you think I should stop the miralax and start taking 1/2 Tbsp at night before I go to bed with the Kefir?

    • Hi Emily, stress can make or break constipation, depending on individuals. If stress makes you more constipated, then all you need is learn to let things go and relax (besides doing your exercise 3 times a week) so that your bowels can move properly and push out the waste.

      Do you take lots of veggies and fruits every day? If yes, you don't need benefiber because too much fiber in your gut can cause constipation instead. Of course, you don't even need miralax.

      I'd suggest that you try adding coconut oil to your breakfast in the morning rather than at night. Why? So that it won't disturb your sleep quality in the event of a diarrhea trigger from coconut oil. Since you're so eager to relieve your constipation with coconut oil, get started with 2 tablespoons in the morning. But bear in mind, do not eat coconut oil on an empty stomach unless you're really desperate to get rid of constipation.