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  1. This is great. I normally eat really healthy and don't get sick much, but when I do I go down hard and fast. I can feel it right @ the onset.
    Your advice has been great, I started flu like symptoms earlier today, started doing this and the normal things I do, had a nap and I am already feeling better than I did this afternoon.
    I am about to make a turmeric tea too, which I always add coconut oil too.

  2. I had about one tablespoon of 100% MCT liquid coconut oil with my breakfast three days ago. I have had constant, slight abdominal cramping ever since so I haven't used any more. It's been 3 days. How long should I be experiencing this?

    • Hi Michele, if you just had one tablespoon of MCT oil on that day and have not had any more in the past 2 days, and you're still experiencing slight discomfort to your abdomen, I don't think it's the "side effect" of MCT oil anymore (it usually lasts for only a day). It could be that MCT oil was trying to stimulate your bowels on that morning but then your gut was heavily clogged (with waste and trapped air) and thus causing some cramps inside. And the cramps persist until today.

      Of course, there could be other factors contributing to your abdominal cramp, such as... did you do sit-ups on that day or other workouts that target the ab? Or you've been constipated for so many days that coincidentally on that morning right after you took MCT oil the cramp started? Have you been suddenly increasing your fiber intake recently? Are you feeling stressful these few days? You have to track back on the real reason behind your ab cramp.

  3. This has been most helpful...I see, that most people speak freely and discuss what they wouldn't , with a pricey Dr. visit...I woke up with "runny bowel movement" this morning and will call off anything I had to do today...Afraid of the consequences..ha! but yes, I broke into a coconut yesterday and greedily ate half of it and drank some of the water. I am sure that is what caused my problem, as don't generally have such problems. Thank you for the forum.. It certainly set my mind at ease.