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  1. It's been on my 2months of taking VCO, and I'm having an acne break outs..Should I be stopping or still continue? It helps in my digestions since I dont have a gallbladder anymore..Its just the breakout on my face that bothers me..

  2. Hi, this is mother of alexjohn a 3.11 years old kids having bleeding in time of his pooping, after first release of his poop blood will follow, I first part of his waste I'd solid, and he poop every other day,.... virgin coconut oil can help this problem?

    • Hi Marilou, do not take this into your own hands and thought virgin coconut oil might help because bleeding during pooping may not appear trivial. It could be other things that is beyond what virgin coconut oil can do. So, please quickly bring your 3-year-old to a qualified pediatrician now.

    • Hi Rakshita, were you also feeling nauseous and pain in your stomach as well? If so, they probably are the die-off symptoms of Candida yeast in your gut.

      If you only feel dizzy after taking coconut oil, look back on your diet to see whether you have cut back on your carb intake or not while taking 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. When your brain does not get enough glucose from the food intake it tends to feel lightheaded.

      Also, were you also sleeping badly that night before that causes you to feel dizzy the following day? You have to consider other factors because feeling dizzy alone is most likely not the side effect of coconut oil as far as I'm concerned.

  3. WOW...thank goodness for this site. As I just realised my issue might just be related to my intake of coconut oil.

    I just started back cooking with it over the last couple days and because it enhances the food and tastes so good I literally use like 4 tablespoons of it for everything - from making fried eggs to my pasta dinner.

    Between last night and now my bowel movements have gotten more frequent and a bit, well, smelly..very smelly. (SHAME)

    I'm going to ease off on it for a bit, but good to know that I don;t have to rush off to the Emergency room or any sort.

    • Hi Hazel, you can dramatically reduce the odor of your stool by taking more fruits and vegetables while cutting back on animal-based foods. And with more bowel movements, the waste in the gut won't get the luxury of time to rot and ferment further to give off bad smell.