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  1. Hi Soon, after reading all this interesting info I have come to a realization. I have been suffering from diareha for approx 6 months. I've had tests and all come back clean. I just realized my diareha came on around time I started adding approx 1 tbsp of organic virgin coconut oil to my morning oatmeal. I've cut out all sugars. Is it possible I just can't tolerate it? Instead of finding a reason, my doctor diagnosed me with IBSD.

    • Hi Colleen, it's hard to imagine having diarrhea for so many months. How many times do you visit the bathroom per day? And how long is the interval between bowel movements?

      Meet my mom. She hardly takes fiber-rich food. She's not the health conscious type. So, when I started giving her nutrient-dense, fiber-rich food some months ago, she started to visit bathrooms about 3 times a day with intervals of several hours. And that's considered diarrhea to her (which in fact, is not) because she normally moves bowels only 3 times a week, which is very inadequate.

      If you move bowels like up to 8 times within a short few hours and you get lots of stomach gases every time, then you're in for a diarrhea. Otherwise, that shows your bowels are improving with virgin coconut oil and congrats for that.

      By the way, oatmeal has lots of soluble and insoluble fiber, which move bowels. And with virgin coconut oil, your bowel movements will definitely increase. I move my bowels 3 – 5 times a day normally. Sometimes can have up to 7 times when I eat even more vegetables (I love vegetables) and raise my activity level. But all spreading out nicely in intervals of 2 – 5 hours between bowel movements.

      As long as the bowel movements do not drain you out and you still can perform your tasks efficiently and effectively, you don't have diarrhea.

  2. I started washing my face and body with coconut oil and now I itch along my back and legs x I allso use it as a vaginal wash xx I wash my face at night and in the morning and my body at night xx is the rash due to the oil xx what is the correct way to clean your body with the oil xx

    • Should I stop using item my skin and start using it in my diet xx I am always trying to help my skin and if this is harming me rather than helping please let me know xx I would hate to start aging faster and keep getting rashes xx hope you can help xx

      • Hi Maggie, it depends on the quality of coconut oil you're using. Some coconut oils are made in an unhygienic environment. They may have molds on them or manufactured in a facility that also processes food that you're allergic to. So, I do not know if the coconut oil you're using is of what quality. Can you provide more info about the brand of your coconut oil so I can check for you?

        Here's my suggestion. Stop your coconut oil wash for 2 weeks first and see if your rashes would go away. If your body returns to what it was before using coconut oil, next is to get a high-quality organic virgin coconut oil. Then start with just a teaspoon per day added to your breakfast for 3 days and see any bad reaction your body has.

        If your body looks good with coconut oil, then increase the amount to 2 teaspoons per day. And work up the intake from there gradually until you reach 3 – 4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily. To avoid undesirable side effects, spread out the amount over your meals. Don't put all 3 tablespoons in a meal.

        You can also use the same organic virgin coconut oil on your skin (and vagina) after shower or facial wash.

        Also, if you don't want to age faster, replace most of your meat-based foods with dark green leafy vegetables and fruits. Meat carries lots of toxins that promote skin aging while the natural plant foods contain tons of skin-nourishing nutrients that will nourish you from the inside out.

  3. This morning I put about a tablespoon of VCO in my coffee. Went to the gym and before the hour was up I was broke out in a rash all over my legs and upper body. I have been using VCO since Saturday but not as much. I didn't do anything any different. Do you think the VCO could have caused the rash. It was gone in about an hour.

    • Hi Carol, based on what you've given, yes, could be. Just as it would cause an outbreak of acne on face. If the rash comes and goes pretty fast, it's probably the >normal detox reaction from VCO.

      Try to cut back on meat and refined food if you're consuming those. Increase your whole food intake to prevent toxic buildup in your tissues so that virgin coconut oil will have lesser toxins to expel and manifest on skin.

  4. Can you ingest pure fractionated liquid coconut oil?? I use it as a carrier for my essential oils, but wonder if it is o.k..for anything else?

    • Hi SCS, better not do that coconut oil cleanse without food just to get rid of herpes. You might not be able to withstand the "side effects" from eating coconut oil this way, especially when the virus causes genital lesions and coconut oil tends to loosen bowels easily.

      Best is to add it to every meal and take it every day. Herpes virus will eventually get killed. And eating this way has the benefit of giving your body ample time to adapt to coconut oil's effect. You should also apply some coconut oil to the affected area to enhance the killing of herpes and expedite healing. For best result, use organic virgin coconut oil for both consumption and topical application.