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  1. A few weeks ago I introduced deodorized coconut oil for cooking, butter replacement etc I probably consume 4 to 5 tablespoons a day and it feels like around the same time I have developed lots of energy, smelly underarm odour (even after a thorough wash) and dry, red dermatitis condition around my lower eyelids and lately some swelling in the evening and morning to my eyelids... could this be part of a detox. I am concerned about the dry skin and swelling of eyelids being an allergic reaction and will see a GP but just wanted to check if it could also be a detox symptom before I give up on it entirely. I would appreciate your thoughts if you can advise, thanks!

    • Hi Tina, I don't rule out it's the detox effect of coconut oil occurring on you considering you are ingesting 4 to 5 tablespoons a day. Many bad stuffs are purged from inside your body and shown on your skin and sweat.

      Bad brands may have a negative impact on you too, which makes us difficult to distinguish between real detox and actual bad reaction. May I know the brand of deodorized coconut oil you're using?

      Yes, you should consult a GP. But don't give up on coconut oil just yet. Coconut oil rarely causes allergy. Like I just said, it could be the brand you're using. Of course at the same time, you should take a good look at your lifestyle and check on your diet. Coconut oil is exceptionally good at detoxing.

  2. I took 4-5 tablespoons VCO for about 2 weeks now for my throat discomfort due to viral infection...until today the discomfort is still will irritate for a short while. Then ok. It's that a healing's been about 3 weeks now. Pls advise

  3. Soon ChaI Thank you for a lovely written article. It answered all the questions I had. We are trying to do a juice fast adding CO to a banana smothie at the end of the day before bed.....what a mistake. Now I realise why. Could I ask why my 7 year old after having 2 tablespoons of CO in that smoothie on an empty stomach has no adverse reaction but the rest of us do?
    Thank you again Soon
    Warm Regards Antzoo

    • Ps: Soon I read somewhere that the diarrhea effect as a new user was the Lauric acid doing its job of detoxing the first that true?

      And second how long do I use CO before I see a improvement in my Thyroid?

      Thank you again

      • Not just lauric acid, but caprylic acid and capric acid as well. They all belong to medium-chain fatty acids, which convert to energy fast. Also, not only new user, veteran user like me still detoxifies every day. Just that the feeling is not as intense as a new user since I'm already used to it.

        I suppose you mean low thyroid, right? Well, it depends on how serious your low thyroid is. I can't give you a specific time frame. My suggestion is, don't use coconut oil simply for your low thyroid problem though it's really good for that. Learn to eat coconut oil as food and add it to your every meal. You should also work on improving your lifestyle. You'll likely see an improvement in your thyroid over time.

        Of course, continue with your thyroid medication at the same time (if you're having it). And monitor your condition to see if your body has returned to its normal temperature and whether you have more energy than before. Then, decrease your medication gradually (with the advice from your specialist).

    • Hi Anthea, banana is filled with fiber + coconut oil + juice and there you have it!

      First of all, is your 7-year-old having flu or any other kind of conditions? I ask that because for example if a person catches flu and takes 2 tablespoons of coconut oil straight on an empty stomach, it might not cause diarrhea. That's because most of its antimicrobials would be too "busy" fighting the virus and leaving only a petty amount for loosening bowels.

      But if your kid is healthy, my guess is that because he or she is in the development stage, so his or her body requires loads of energy to build cells, bones and tissues etc. Which is why you don't see him or her getting the runs. Or maybe he or she does have little effect but it just appears normal to you guys. You might want to check on his or her stool to see if it's watery. That's the sign.

      Furthermore, a developing child is usually very active and so they require lots of energy to fuel their physical besides their metabolic activities. When most of the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are burned off as energy to power up a body, same as the flu scenario, very little is left to induce diarrhea. But of course, I still encourage people to consume coconut oil with food and not taking 2 Tbsps in one sitting. Spreading out the intake helps to keep your body in balance.