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  1. Glad to know that having "diarrhea"-like symptoms is normal for some newbies. I too got super excited to try out my EVCO after buying it for the 1st time last night, drinking it straight from its free 120ml bottle. Lucky I'm not tempted to finish all of it in one go (but I did gulp about 3tbs hahah). Five minutes later, my stomach got this cramp that lasted overnight, and I ended up jerking up from my sleep 3 times just to rush to the toilet. I did not consume anything weird yesterday, only the coconut oil is the newly added menu in my meal time, so I know that it is the culprit. Thank God I'm used to drink ACV mixed with honey everyday, so I know that the toilet-rush drama is just my body reacting to the EVCO. It's just that I'm quite worried at first because stools produced by the ACV drinks is firmer, but the EVCO only got liquid gushing from my rear end. Thanks to this article, I now know the reason and will try to cut back my intake for this first few days. Maybe I'll try the half spoon in the morning and another half in the evening. Thank you, author 🙂

    • Hi Nadzirah, thanks for your great sharing of experience. The reason for a firmer stool from ACV is probably due to ACV being diuretic and much fluid will pass out via urination and hence, lesser fluid remains in the bowels to help with "sliding" the waste out.

      By contrast, coconut oil releases glycerols (upon digestion) that absorb fluid to help with the "flush". Additionally, an increase in metabolism produces more energy to stimulate your bowel muscles. This causes the stool to move faster and so stay shorter for intestinal cells to absorb water. Which is why stools from taking coconut oil appear watery and make people think that coconut oil causes diarrhea.

  2. I added 1 Tbsp cold pressed virgin coconut oil to my coffee and broke out in hives a day later. Stopped adding to coffee until rash was gone. Tried again and rash came back. Is this a typical side effect?

  3. This was one of the most helpful articles on coconut oil that I have read... I use both EVCO, and new to MCT oil. I think I can now use them with more understanding... I bought MCT oil for body fat reduction, but now will also use it as a carrier oil for aromatherapy when fast absorption is desired, and EVCO when more anti-microbial properties are desired... A lot of good, usable information that clarifies ... Thank-you!!!!

  4. I feel better after reading the posts. I too, took my initial dose of two tablespoons yesterday afternoon, on a fairly empty stomach. About an hour later, I had gut wrenching cramping and diarrhea, sweats, you name it! That went on for hours. I have been taking immodium and I slept thru the night fine. I had a piece of dry toast this morning. I am still running to the bathroom and have blood in the toilet. Sorry, this is gross. I don't know if it is from hemmorhoids (which never bleed) but could be after all of the activity. Hope it is not coming from my intestines... I had no idea this would happen.

    • Hi Connie, it could be the hemorrhoids that bleed due to the sudden increase of bowel movements. You just need to restart your coconut oil consumption at a lower dose like 1 teaspoon per meal. Let your body adapt to it for a few days before you increase another teaspoon. The diarrhea-like effect should taper off once your body gets used to coconut oil. Also, keep in mind not to eat it on an empty stomach. Always mix coconut oil into food.