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  1. Hi Soon Chai,
    Been research on VCO and I found this blog. Just sharing my experience,I've been diagnose with gallstones 5mos ago, and I;ve undergone cholecystectomy.. I've having a hard time in digestions since then... It's been 2 days since I've taken VCO and my digestions improved..jst taken 1tbsp on the morning and 1 in the evening..My poop becomes more solid unlike before and from color yellow turns to brown.. I think its does really help me and as of now no bad side effects on me, still waiting if there's any 😀 aside from this my appetite also subsides in which its really help me in loosing weights...

  2. I wish I had done some research on possible negative effects before taking the two tbsp I took earlier. It was my first time taking coconut oil. I took it by itself but not necessarily on an empty stomach. Before I had hummus with pretzels, but honestly that might have made it worse since hummus has quite a bit of healthy fats as well. Like 15-20 mins later, I was on the toilet in excruciating pain. :c

  3. Hi Soon,
    I've changed my lifestyle about 4weeks ago to paleo with a small amount of full fat dairy. My morning coffee contains a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil and a tablespoon of grass fed organic unsalted butter. Three days ago I developed a red bumpy rash on the back of my neck. Initially I thought it was a heat rash but it's far worse and hasn't gone down, do you think it could be linked to the coconut oil or is is more likely to be something else? Thank you.

    • Hi Rikke, you mean you started with virgin coconut oil since 4 weeks ago and you only started to get that red bumpy rash on the back of your neck 3 days ago?

      It's hard to tell at my side since I do not know how severe your rash is and also what other foods you have been taking other than virgin coconut oil and dairy because toxins from meat and junk food can overload your system and cause your body to go haywire.

      Anyway, let's make it simple here and just assume it could be just an acne breakout on the back of your neck. If that's the case, it could be the dairy that upsets your hormonal balance and triggers the rash. Stop your butter intake for 3 days or so (try replacing with rice milk or almond milk) and see if that red bumpy rash diminishes or not.

      At the same time, rub some virgin coconut oil on the back of your neck twice a day (until the oil absorbs into your skin) and see if it helps to relieve the rash and itch (if there is). Virgin coconut oil can mitigate the itch from heat rash and eczema, so I think it should have similar effect on that unidentified rash of yours.

      If your rash persists after stopping dairy, then stop your intake of virgin coconut oil as well for 3 days and see how it goes. If the rash persists or gets worse, go see a medical specialist because it could be something else inside your body or as mentioned earlier, the toxins from other foods that trigger the rash, particularly on the back of your neck.

    • Yes, Kristin. You may take some coconut oil before bed to help with constipation. I suggest that you add one tablespoon of coconut oil to a glass of water and gulp it down. It's pretty gross to drink this way, but it does help constipation since your case might be you're not drinking enough water for the detox. If one tablespoon doesn't work tonight, mix 2 tablespoons with a glass of water tomorrow morning.

      Additionally, if you're of edema constitution, avoid high-sodium food as too much salt in your body can cause water to retain in especially your thighs and hips, depleting your bowels of adequate fluid for detox.