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  1. Hi , I've been having joint knee pain for a while know and drs tell me its not arthritis. So I've started taking 1tbsp of coconut oil a day in the morning with my green juice. So I've been doing it for a week now and notice that I get mild stomach cramps and feel bloated. Could that be from the killing off of toxins?

  2. Its also fantastic in porridge, coffee and tea. I blend the coconut then pass it through a sieve, heat it for 4 minutes before adding it to my latte. I don not use cow's milk and I feel better. Cow's milk prevented my digestive tract from working properly. I am free from constipation.

  3. where people run into trouble is when they eat these higher fats and then also eat a lot of simple carbohydrates with them.... this is problematic for your system!

  4. Edith here again. I forgot to mention that I also totally weaned myself off all sugar and simple carbs. I eat very healthy and very little but still cannot lose hardly any weight, sometimes not an once in a whole week. I had gained 15 lb. while on Prednisone, I only lost 10 lb so far. I never sit, I do not smoke or drink. I am 78, very active working in my garden every day. Then again, I am not overweight so it does not matter.

    • Hi Edith, prednisone may disrupt your sleep cycle and trigger a hormonal disorder. Which can slow your metabolism and cause weight gain. But fortunately, you have grown to like coconut oil that helps to bring your metabolism up again. Keep up your active and healthy lifestyle with your daily consumption of coconut oil.

  5. All my life I been drinking my coffee black and had a little breakfast like a green smoothie or 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast. About 4 weeks ago I stopped eating breakfast. I only have a mug of coffee with about 2 TBSP of coconut oil which I blend in very well. It is so yummy and keeps me satiated all day till dinner. I use Kirkland Organic C. O. which comes in a clear acrylic type container. I have very lose bowel movements, however little there is, I go about 3 times each day. Lots of air and they are GREEN. Otherwise no discomfort but why green? I do eat a large green salad every dinner. The multiple bathroom visits and clean up is annoying. Perhaps I should cut back on the C.O. or try a different brand in a glass Jar?

    • Hi Edith, why is your poop green?

      The brown hue in poop comes mainly from dead red blood cells and waste from gut bacteria. If your bowels move too fast, the chunk may not stay long enough in your gut to feed the bacteria (when they eat less, they pass less waste out as well) and hence, your stool may likely be more greenish (caused by the yellowish-green bile in your intestine) than brownish. This explains why some diarrhea sufferers have their poop green in color. Of course, the most common reason for green stool stems from what you put in your mouth.

      Since you mention you eat a large green salad every dinner, plus you're taking coconut oil, I reckon this "combo" has made your stool green. In fact, 3 times a day is what every one of us should at least achieve in order to keep our gut healthy. The longer the waste stays in your gut, the more toxins your body is getting from the waste. So, you should be happy instead of feeling frustrated. You'll get used to the frequency by and by.

      As long as you're not getting much discomfort or other negative effects other than the increase in the frequency of your bathroom visits, continue with your green and coconut oil intake. Of course, coconut oil in glass jar is definitely a much healthier and safer option to go with.