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  1. I just mixed a tbsp with my oatmeal, desperately need this to work. Been on several medications here lately and its caused me to be irregular and im in pain trying to have a bowel movement.

    • Hi Clarissa, medications tend to mess up bowels. In that case, it may not be easy for coconut oil to help with your constipation. It becomes a tug of war. Are you able to perform some simple exercises because exercise is good for improving bowel movement as well. Keep taking coconut oil in the meantime and try to increase your intake of it progressively. Even if you don't get to relieve constipation with it, your health is bound to improve in some ways.

  2. Made a morning smoothie today for the first time with frozen strawberries, water, protein powder and a generous tablespoon of coconut oil... Blended in my Ninja and enjoyed... Relief within about 2 hours and twice more after that... It was yummy tasting and beneficial!

  3. Is it ok to insert coconut oil vaginally to cure bv? I just dipped it in a tampon and inserted it. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Maddy, yes coconut oil can help with your BV. Leave the tampon in your vagina for 2 hours and do it at least twice a day till symptoms subside. You may leave for 1 hour and do only once a day if you feel better like this. Rinse the area with warm water once done. Additionally, you should take coconut oil internally as well to get rid of your BV faster.

      • Just recently found out about coconut oil. Have severe hormonal, thyroid, allergy and blood pressure problems following a 1 1/2 year exposure to black mold we did not know was present in the house. Looks like this could help me rid the mold "mico-toxins" from my body and maybe I could have a more "normal" life.
        I found some coconut oil in a bottle. It is a liquid ready for pouring. Is this an acceptable product? I have IBS and constipation is ongoing. I see it does not say "virgin", but if I find this as a virgin brand would it be a good product or should I use the thicker spoonable product? Very glad to know you're there. Many thanks, Carmen

        • Sorry, one other question: What about coconut water. I started enjoying it about two weeks ago. Like the taste. Can you tell me the helpful properties? So far I have only read it is an anti-fungal which would certainly be good for the mold toxin. Thank you, Carmen

          • Hi Carmen, which region are you residing at? If the ambient temperature falls below 76 °F (24.4 °C) and the oil in your bottle is a pure coconut oil, then it should solidify or at least show some soft chunks inside.

            But you said it is in liquid form, could it be fractionated coconut oil?

            How does it smell like? Smoky plus a little coconut scent, fresh but delicate coconut scent, a little bit pungent or nothing at all? Other than not saying it is "virgin", what else did you see from the label? What's the brand?

            Of course, I would recommend organic virgin coconut oil for your IBS and constipation. This is the safest coconut oil for consumption since it's gone through only minimal processing. What do you mean by "thicker spoonable" product?

            Coconut water has very little MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids), less than 0.5%. Anti-fungal properties are largely dependent on MCFAs. So, it's not gonna help much in fighting the mold toxins. But coconut oil does, particularly virgin coconut oil. The best thing about coconut water is its rich mineral profile.

            Minerals are electrolytes (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium etc) for our body. We tend to lose more electrolytes when we perspire especially after working out. Drinking coconut water is a good way to replenish those electrolytes. And coconut water is quite fulfilling as well, so you tend to eat less after drinking it. I love coconut water too. 😉

            • Thank you Soon. The liquid is Nature's Way. Just "premium "liquid" coconut oil and no GMO." No mention of Virgin or extra virgin. Nothing else mentioned. The aroma is a nice, gentle coconut smell that's all. stays liquid in refrigerator. Does not solidify - no chunks. Sounds like mostly for cooking. I also need this for thyroid function. By solid I mean not a clear liquid product as this is. It is poured from the bottle into whatever you want to put it in. Am I better off with coconut oil in solid form from in a jar. Not clear but thick and white and one which you need to spoon out. Thank you again, Carmen

              • Hi Carmen, the reason why pure coconut oil such as virgin coconut oil looks solid is due to the surrounding temperature that falls below 76 °F (24.4 °C). If you scoop it up and put on your palm, it will melt and become a clear liquid oil.

                Liquid coconut oil, technically speaking, is not a pure coconut oil. It contains primarily 2 types of medium-chain fatty acids – caprylic acid and capric acid. They're derived from either coconut oil or palm kernel oil. Because it only houses medium-chain fatty acids that have low melting/freezing point, it does not harden easily even in a refrigerator.

                You can learn more about liquid coconut oil from these 2 articles:

                It should suffice to use that liquid coconut oil of yours for your low thyroid. Make sure you consult your doctor regarding the needs to lower the dose of your medication if you're on any. Medium-chain fatty acids are good at increasing metabolism, thereby treating low thyroid problem.

  4. I have struggled with constipation for a while, went back & forth to GI doctors and on all of that medication and it got better but started going downhill when I slacked on eating good and excersing. Just took two spoonfuls of extra virgin coconut oil, hope it helps!!

  5. i started taking coconut oil been just a day or two. when I first took a dab of coconut oil my eye started to oose tear up. the next day the roof of my mouth felt so tingly and I felt like I could feel something in my brain. i have experience being a bit off balanced. i woke up this morning feeling really bad lost my balance. I am also taking acetyl carnitine started yesterday. dont know which one would have made me feel so bad this morning and off balance. Also I used the oil for oil pulling too. and brushed my teeth with dove soap. could have been the soap,

    • Hi Sandy, if you want to know which one causes you to lose your balance you should stop taking coconut oil and oil-pulling, and use toothpaste instead of dove soap for brushing your teeth. Coconut oil should not have given such side effect. That's pretty much unheard of.

      One of the side effects of acetyl carnitine is low blood sugar level, so this could be the reason why you're feeling lightheaded. Anyway, use the isolation method and you would very soon know which causes you to feel bad.