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  1. Right now all I have in the house is a refined coconut oil I got at the grocery store. Can I use this right now for my bad constipation until I am able to get some virgin coconut oil? Will it help at all or would I just be wasting my time? I have been using it just occasionally for cooking as I am accustomed to using olive oil and thought I would try transitioning a bit at a time to coconut oil so I am not greatly familiar with using coconut oil at all. Thanks for your time.

      • Okay, it neither of those brands. It is actually a grocery store brand, their premium line brand. It says Pure Coconut Oil, and the nutrition label says 0 trans, poly and mono fats. The ingredients only say coconut oil. What do I need to look for on the label to tell if it has been hydrogenated? I began using it yesterday as I was becoming very uncomfortable and it does seem to be helping already, but I am able to get out today as I have transportation and I plan on going ahead and buying some of the Nutiva and begin that. My daughter has been using the refined as an eye makeup remover, so I guess I will just let her have the remainder of it. Thank you for the response.

        • Okay Connie, when it says Pure Coconut Oil, it's definitely a refined coconut oil. As for the trans fat part, since it says 0 we just have to take that at face value. There's no way we can verify.

          A good brand will tell you if it's hydrogenated or not. Since the brand you bought says it has no trans fat, then we shall take it that it's not hydrogenated because hydrogenation can produce trans fat. Of course, depending on the quantity it bases on for measurement. For example, per serving (usually 14 g) it may say 0 trans fat, but per 100 g the trans fat can become 0.2 g. That's because when you convert to 14 g the trans fat is actually 0.028 g, which will be rounded down to 0 g (it looks safer to consumers this way).

          This may not be apparent to coconut oil as coconut oil is mostly saturated. But for other (predominantly) unsaturated oils like corn oil, safflower oil or peanut oil etc, yes, you'll probably see the trans fat amount (of course, again depending on how honest the oil makers are).

          Since you're going with Nutiva, they have essentially 2 types – refined coconut oil (RBD) and virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil comes with its naturally-present coconut scent whereas RBD coconut oil is odorless. RBD is cheaper.

        • Hi Julie, BetterBody RBD coconut oil is not a bad option. But it comes in plastic jar. So, if you don't mind the type of container they use to hold the oil, by all means.

  2. Thanks for the article and also to the commenters. I would always have trouble while increasing my coconut oil consumption. When I would search the Internet, it seemed like I was the only one. Sounds like I need to go much slower.

  3. Dear Soon,

    Sorry for the double post. I am taking mastic gums and one TSP of raw coconut oil first thing in morning and drinking lots of water to fix my H pylori issues.
    Pls tell me if this regimen is ok

    Also, when i take 1TSP of coconut oil, i can hear some rumbling in my stomach as tho its doing something and burp out soon enough. Does it mean the oil is actually fighting the pathogens? Do u know if coconut oil is very successful on h pylori, as its mostly anti-viral??
    Thanks and have a nice day!!!

    • Hi Ram, I'm not a doctor to determine if the regimen is okay for you. But I'd suggest that you stick to using one of the two instead of using both at the same time. Mastic gum is anti-bacterial and can kill H. pylori too as far as I know. But how good it is against H. pylori I'm not sure since I've not taken the gum before.

      As for the rumbling in your stomach, I think it could be the reaction between coconut oil and mastic gum (which is why I suggested that you take either one of them for treatment) because we won't know when coconut oil is taking effect against the bacteria until several days later. Only when you feel better with your stomach then can you know that coconut oil succeeds in fighting the bacteria.

      You said in your last post that you have suffered for 11 months. Have you got a doctor to diagnose your condition? A simple bacterial infection in your GI tract may develop into cancer. So, I really think you should look for a specialist (if you have not done so) rather than finding a cure on your own since this concerns something that we cannot see with our bare eyes and may need special gadgets to check internally.

      • Dear Soon,
        I cant thank u enough for the selfless help ur giving via ur blog.
        Yes, i have been been bloating, farting and gas since Jan 2015. I went to GI specialist in October 2015 and after stool/breath test, was tested positive for H pylori.

        Since oct 2015, i have been trying various medicines by GI's which only help to some extent, but return back as soon as the pills stop. I have done endless tests for Kidney, liver and gallstones and surprise surprise, all are clean. I smoke 1 ciggy per day (which is nothing) and drink probably once in a month or less.

        I am trying the coconut oil remedy because its firstly natural and clean. It is anti viral/bacterial which must ideally help my H pylori.
        Do let me know for any more queries, RAm

        • Okay Ram, try to go slow on your H. pylori treatment to avoid getting the "diarrhea" side effect from coconut oil. I suggest adding 1 tablespoon to your breakfast, 1/2 each for lunch and dinner so you have 2 tablespoons for the day. Keep this amount for 2 – 3 days and see if you get any nauseous feeling or diarrhea-like symptoms. If nothing bad happens, then make it to 3 tablespoons and gradually up to as much as your body can take it.

          Keep in mind that consuming coconut oil on an empty stomach might cause stomach cramps which can add on to your bloating discomfort.

          1 stick of cigarette per day may seem nothing. But it can bring in thousands of free radicals into your body and make silent waves inside there that you will never realize how serious it could be to a healthy person, let alone a bacteria-infected body like yours. It seems that you're not so addicted to ciggy as addicts always will take very much more than that number. So, why not quit it once and for all?

          By the way, free radicals that get into your body will offset coconut oil's effect on H. pylori. So, if you want a truly healthy body, quit smoking which I think is really nothing to you. You save some money too.

          • I just had a little extra coconut oil, i had diarrhea~~ thats ok, am not worried.
            I am taking one Tablespoon as soon i get up and drinking lots of water.
            I am taking one more in evening, before dinner
            I believed that was the correct process?

            I plan to increase the count once i feel comfortabl.Your thoughts?
            PS: i will not smoke anymore :))

            • Hi Ram, whichever way you choose to eat coconut oil I don't see the reason to object as long as coconut oil does not give you any bad side effect. Good for you and your family when you quit smoking since smoking does nothing but harm. 😉

            • Dear Soon chai,
              I see no improvement in-spite of taking the VCO coconut oil on daily basis. Yes, I am h pylori as i mentioned above.

              Even the symptoms of farting and belching continue to remain and have not shown much improvment.
              If coconut oil can kill Aids virus, im surprised it has not yet killed the H pylor

              • Hi Ram, sorry to reply late. This comment of yours has been automatically pushed to Trash folder by my spam filter and I just realized it. Sorry about that.

                It's difficult to assess your H. pylori condition and it also depends on the amount of virgin coconut oil against the severity of your condition. For example, if you just got infected then just 2 tablespoons of VCO per day should help you get rid of the bacteria fast without leaving much damage to your body behind.

                But considering your case which has had the symptoms lasted for almost a year and a half (from Jan 2015 till now), I'm afraid much of the damage have been inflicted and even though VCO is able to kill the bacteria it will take quite a long time for your body to repair and heal anything (inside your body) that has been damaged during the infection.

                I understand your frustration. But please stay cool and be patient. Continue with your VCO intake. And if you can, engage in some exercises to help your body recover faster. In the meantime, look for other specialists to see if you could be suffering from something else due to complication from the infection of H. pylori. Best of luck!

        • Hello Soon thank yoi for this platform, just responding to Ram...Ive had this same issue and can understand the frustrations; I went to an IBS center where a naturopathic doctor explained that my stool test came back normal except depending on my sensitivity h pylori may be the culprit. He prescribed me a 10 day antibiotic and some probiotics since antibiotics kill off both good and bad bacterias; I felt that I was able to relieve myself with ease and my pain went away; However, after I finished my antibiotic all my symptoms returned; stomach pains and all, I went back got tested for celiac disease because my symptoms were similar to that, that also came back negative, when inquiring if my problem can be ibs he said I didnt have my symptoms long enough to be diagnosed...3 years I am battling with this. I've realized is coffee, sugar, meat, and processed food make my symptoms worse. Recently I had a very bad flare up and am doing a water diet, with 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil which has caprylic acid that helps with the pain I get, and with 2-3 liters of water a day, no food, drink tea including green tea...symptoms are gone; I just have to reintroduce myself to food, starting with green juices then soups. Hope this helps!

  4. I love thid your site,every details giving here is very powerful. Note: O+ people coconut is not good for them,they should try olive oil. Thanks

    • Hi Ike, thanks for your thought, but can you show any evidence on that? Are you simply basing on the stupid theory of blood type diet? Blood type diet has no scientific ground to support, unless you personally have benefited a lot from olive oil and not coconut oil. Just as it (the blood type diet) says that people with blood type O should take more meat but my group of 'O' vegetarian/vegan friends are doing exceptionally well with their diet. Can anyone with blood type O share your experience on coconut oil?