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  1. Hi Soon. I added a tblsp of Nature's Own coconut oil to my coffee yesterday. This is my first use of coconut oil, hoping for energy and digestive effects. Late last night and early this morning I am experiencing pulsating of my upper lip. Do you know of any instances where someone has experienced this type of reaction from use of coconut oil? (I realize the lip pulsing may be unrelated but trying to narrow down the possibilities.)

    • Hi Don, heart pulsating with coconut oil, yes, but lip pulsating, not that I've heard of... so far. Hmm, does that cause any discomfort to your body? If not, then coconut oil should be fine on you.

      Did you know that coconut oil can produce a bulletproof coffee effect when you add it to coffee? If your lip pulsated yesterday in the afternoon I would think it could be the bulletproof effect. But it happened late last night and early this morning, the bulletproof effect should have worn off by last night.

      Observe for 2 more days and see if the "side effect" persists. If it does, stop coconut oil until your upper lip stop pulsating and then add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil back to your drinks or food and gradually up the amount from there.

  2. I also experienced ALOT of discomfort the 1st 2 days I took coconut oil. But after I got past that my digestive system feels great! I absolutely love cocnut oil for all its amazing uses. I advocate it to everyone with almost any problem

  3. Wish I would have found this article a lot sooner. Let's just say I'm still in the bathroom, going on 30 minutes and it won't stop. I took 2 tablespoons in the morning, my best first time, in warm water with a squeeze of lemon. Six hours later it brings down the hammer. Got worried so that's why I'm here. I guess there's the brighter side, it's cleaning my bowels. I may give it a day or two before I start again, this time with half a tablespoon in the morning as the article suggests. If it goes well I'll do the evening half. Thank you, Soon Chai. This is rather embarrassing but thank you nonetheless.

    • Hi Matt, no... not embarrassing at all. Moving bowels is what we all have to do every day or we're done for when the toxins from the waste get back into our system. It's good to share your thought so that we all can learn from your experience and take coconut oil without having to suffer from its "diarrhea side effect".

      You're right about starting coconut oil in a couple of days. Let your body recover from the detox first. If you're worried, you can also start it back with just a teaspoon instead of half a tablespoon in the morning. Then if everything goes well you shall add another teaspoon to your lunch. That way you would have 2 teaspoons for the day. 😉

  4. Hello....I have recently started taking coconut oil. This morning...I drank a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil in it. I have been using coconut oil for about two weeks now. But today I had a sudden feeling of BAD nausea, slight shortness of breath, and heart rate up a bit,,,and feeling flushed in my drank some water...and in about 30 to 45 mins the nausea has left...along with all other symptoms..Is this symptoms of die off, and if so...why now...after two weeks.....

    • Hi Lesa, coconut oil + caffeine = bulletproof coffee effect. But why only this morning that you experienced bad nausea, heart palpitations, flushed in your face etc after drinking coffee with virgin coconut oil for two weeks?

      My guess is that the past two weeks you could have used less than a tablespoon. And this morning you upped your coconut oil to one tablespoon. Coconut oil can augment and prolong the caffeine effect. More coconut oil, stronger caffeine effect. Another possibility could lie with more caffeine in the coffee you took this morning. Same amount of coconut oil but more caffeine can also result in the symptoms you mentioned.

  5. I'm 64 years old. I started taking coconut oil capsules 4 times a day and
    notice some horrible smelling bowel movements. Is this normal?
    I stopped taking them for a week or so and didn't seem to have the odor for awhile.

    • Hi Cheryl, how many capsules are you taking each time? If it's only 1 capsule (1 cap normally holds about 1000 mg), then 4 caps a day is only 4 grams (less than half a tablespoon), which I think should not have effected that horrible smell as what you described.

      It could be the softgel (made of don't know what kind of animal gelatin in most cases) on the capsules that cause the smell.

      But if you take quite a lot that constitutes about 2 – 3 tablespoons, I guess it could be the purging of toxins via bowel movement (detox "side effect" from coconut oil) that makes your stool smelly. This means that you have way too much toxins sticking on your intestinal walls and they must have "lived" and fermented there for a long, long time.

      Do you love meat? When I was a hardcore meat-eater, my stools always have a very strong smell (I couldn't even take it myself – I have to pinch my nose throughout the "big business"). It was only when I started eating lots of veggies then everything changed.

      Of course, the initial detox (triggered by the fiber-rich veggies) will cause the stool to be even more stinky as the sticky toxic waste is getting expelled. You might want to learn increasing your veggie intake and cut back on your meat consumption. Also, less dairy = less vomiting odor.