4 quick tips on acne treatment with coconut oil

Quick tips on using coconut oil for acne

Are you ready to start smearing coconut oil on your skin to treat acne? Wait! Don't do it yet! Listen up. This is very important. Using coconut oil for acne treatment is not something so simple that you just put it on your skin and that's it. If I don't walk you through these tips, I'm afraid you might wind up freaking out and desperately running back to using commercial stuff that will bury more toxins into your skin. I just wanted to make sure you're doing well with your acne treatment with coconut oil.

1. Be mentally prepared

Unlike other skin oils or over-the-counter creams or lotions or whatever so-called treatment for acne that only know how to stash toxic chemicals in your skin, adding more toxins underneath your skin, coconut oil mercilessly expels those toxins.

What I mean is, if you have lots of toxins stored underneath your skin (you won't know about this until coconut oil breaks them all out), coconut oil will draw them up to the surface of your skin and cause a breakout of whiteheads. Some of your pimples may grow larger as a result too due to the gush of toxins adding onto the soft plugs that block the pores.

Scary, huh? That's why I'm telling you to get some mental prep. If not, you'll definitely freak out like most of them when the detox from coconut oil starts taking place.

At this point, you should stay calm and understand that coconut oil is helping you to cleanse your skin of toxins for an effective acne treatment. By the way, toxins are what weaken your liver and cause your skin to become so oily and acne-prone. Coconut oil "knows" that very well and so the first thing it does to help treat your acne is to remove toxins.

If you stress out over the breakout, your acne will aggravate and can last for weeks since stress upsets your hormonal balance and creates more toxins. Not knowing this, some acne sufferers start accusing that coconut oil causes acne, which in fact, coconut oil is helping out to treat acne.

By the way, the breakout is more severe on the face than any other parts of your skin because face has thinner skin, so it's much more effortless for coconut oil to purge toxins.

Having said all that, get yourself prepared for the breakout when using coconut oil for acne treatment. But you can greatly reduce the breakout or suffer no breakout at all when we get to the 4th tip.

2. Use only organic virgin coconut oil

You should use only organic virgin coconut oil for your acne treatment to keep your skin free of potentially harmful pesticides and other unknown chemicals. And make sure you use just it and nothing else!

What I'm trying to say is, don't use organic virgin coconut oil with other so-called acne-treatment products or even natural oils. You don't know whether these stuff will deposit more toxic chemicals into your skin or not.

So, keep your skin free of any commercial acne-treatment products except organic virgin coconut oil.

If you need to put on makeup or use some skin care products, make sure they do not clog your pores and are truly as natural for skin as organic virgin coconut oil. If you find your acne worsens, stop those products and try sticking to only organic virgin coconut oil not just for acne treatment but for skin care as well.

Although it's a bit more expensive to use organic virgin coconut oil, it's definitely cheaper and more naturally effective than prescribed acne-treatment drugs from specialized dermatologists.

Note:Some people say that because it starts to solidify at 76 °F (24 °C), virgin coconut oil will clog your pores and so will aggravate your acne. Is that true?

Our skin has a temperature of about 93.2 °F (34 °C) to 98.6 °F (37 °C) depending on several internal and external factors, this temperature range is HOT enough to keep virgin coconut oil in liquid state. Moreover, virgin coconut oil has properties that are similar to our natural skin oil, so if virgin coconut oil is pore-clogging, so will be our skin oil. And we'll be having pimples and acne all day long if that's the case. Make sense? Myth busted!

3. Need not apply too much

It doesn't mean putting thick layers of coconut oil on your acne zone and your acne will heal and clear fast. A sponge will saturate, so will our skin.

That said, you should just drip a dab on your finger and then rub gently against your acne zone until it absorbs. Putting on just a thin layer not only goes a long way but helps your skin to absorb the oil faster.

It's only when coconut oil gets into your skin then it can help purge toxins and kill excess acne bacteria at the same time (coconut oil is antimicrobial too).

After that, re-apply as often as necessary. It may seem troublesome to having to apply multiple times in a day, but that's the way you should do when treating acne with coconut oil.

Oh, remember to cleanse your skin of any excess oils or makeup or dirt before you put on coconut oil, otherwise your skin won't be able to absorb coconut oil effectively for acne treatment.

4. Improve diet and lifestyle

Earlier on I said you can avoid the breakout caused by using coconut oil, right? This is it.

If you reflect upon the kind of food you've been shoving into your mouth day in, day out, you would have noticed that you're taking in tons of junk that keep pouring toxins into your body. This is what makes your skin so toxic and which is why your skin breaks out so much when you apply coconut oil on it for acne treatment.

All you have to do now is make some nice changes to your diet. From more meat to more plant-based. From more prepackaged processed food to more natural whole food. From more dining out to more dining in. Dining in has one advantage over dining out – you know exactly what you're eating.

Another thing you should improve on is your lifestyle.

Do you always sleep late at night or not able to sleep soundly every night? Catching a good night's sleep can normalize your hormone production and help to regulate the secretion of your sebum (skin oil) to prevent oily skin. So, try to go to bed early and prepare your mind and body for a restorative sleep.

What about working out? If you're not doing it, then get yourself started with some simple exercises to help with the detox. Yes, working out is great at detoxifying your body. You sweat easily. You poop easily. It helps to lower your stress level too. This keeps your hormones in balance and so your skin will become less oily and acne-prone.

When you have less toxins in your body, your skin will store less toxins as a result. So, when you use coconut oil for acne treatment you'll suffer less or even no breakout.