How Much Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

As much coconut oil as your body can take it. I said that because coconut oil not only helps to stimulate metabolism for burning fat, it also helps to increase your colon motility for more frequent bowel movements.

Sounds good if you have chronic constipation issue and don't forget that detox is a critical element for losing weight. But if you take more than what your body can handle, the runs can zap you out.

Which is why I cannot give you a specific amount of coconut oil that you should take for weight loss because each person has different body condition and constitution, and may react differently to the detox effect of coconut oil.

However, I can tell you that as long as you increase the amount progressively, you won't likely get the diarrhea-like effect. Even if it does, it won't hurt you as much as a real diarrhea would.

For example, start off with 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) of coconut oil spreading over the day first, such as 1 teaspoon added to your breakfast, 1 teaspoon to your lunch and 1 teaspoon to your dinner.

Will this amount effect any fat-burning?

Not quite, because it's only 1 tablespoon per day. Even if there is, your scale won't deflect too much. Eating coconut oil this way is more for allowing your body to adapt to coconut oil's detox effect first. So, don't expect much fat to burn at this amount. Do this for about 5 to 7 days and then try increasing your daily intake to 1.5 tablespoon and so forth. This should gradually condition your body for greater intake of coconut oil for a real effective weight loss without getting its "undesirable" effect.

It takes a pretty good amount of coconut oil to break down your fat store and effect weight loss on you because the fat deposited via your other food intake can easily out-calorie what coconut oil has burned off. Hence, you should also lower your intake of other high-cal food as you increase your intake of coconut oil because ultimately, calorie still counts when it comes to weight loss.

The max for most people in general is 3 or 4 tablespoons daily. If you can up coconut oil to 5 or even 6 tablespoons, that would give you an even stronger and longer lasting fat-burning effect.

But remember, do not force it upon yourself. If you max out at 3 tablespoons per day, leave it at that. You'll lose weight at a slower pace, but at least you don't throw yourself to the toilet too often.

For your infoWhether you're just getting started or you have somewhat gotten yourself seasoned with it, try not to take coconut oil on an empty stomach because eating the oil as such can trigger the runs easily. But if you prefer this way, by all means.

On the other hand, If you can put up with 3–5 bowel movements a day, then of course you can eat more coconut oil for weight loss. Having bowel movements twice per day with regular consumption of coconut oil is good enough for most people. And it's more normal that way so that you can quickly get rid of the toxic waste before its toxins get back into your body and get stashed in your fat cells, preventing your body from utilizing the fats to fuel your metabolic activities.

In short, there are no hard and fast rules about how much coconut oil you should take for weight loss. It all depends on how fast you want the pace to be and how far you can go. But before you go into that, you must first condition your body by increasing your intake of coconut oil gradually and progressively. And adjust its amount accordingly to best fit your lifestyle and the pace you feel more comfortable with.

In fact, besides increasing the amount of coconut oil, you should also reel in exercises to step up your metabolism further for more burning of fat. Exercising can suppress your appetite so you don't eat too much food unnecessarily. And if you employ the principle of high-intensity-interval training (alternating between high and low intensity levels) into whatever exercises you do, for example, cycling or jogging, you can speed up your fat-burning and result in greater weight loss in shorter time.

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8 thoughts on “How Much Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

  1. Dear Soon,
    Sorry for what may be a silly q.

    I can take 2 Tablespoon daily of coco oil without any issues. My query is i work in a company where we cant take liquids.
    How to ensure i can take it in noon? I dont carry lunch box form home, so no chance of cooking with it as well

    • Hi Ram, if you really want to take coconut oil in noon, the only way is to prepare your lunch (with coconut oil added) at home and then bring the lunch box to your workplace. But you don't carry lunch box, so the other alternative I can think of is buy coconut oil capsules so you can pop the capsules anytime you wish. But this is a really expensive option. Otherwise, you can increase your intake in the morning and evening to make up for the loss of coconut oil intake in noon.

    • Hi Sherrie, it's not possible to have such a ratio because weight composes of the masses of muscle tissues, skin tissues, body fats, organs, bones and water etc. If your daughter belongs to the edema type, her water mass would be relatively higher and coconut oil does not help to expel water. Even if there is such a ratio, it would not be accurate.

      You can try starting 1 tablespoon per day (spread over 2 meals such as 1/2 for breakfast and 1/2 for lunch) on her first and see if her body gets any GI symptoms like diarrhea or stomach cramp with coconut oil. Keep that amount for 3 days and if she's good with coconut oil up her intake to 2 tablespoons per day, again, spread over 2 meals or 3, up to you.

      The key to effective weight loss (more to the point, fat loss) is to rev up metabolism. Coconut oil is good at increasing metabolism, and also it helps to prolong the emptying of stomach so that you'll eat lesser than you require.

      That said, the more coconut oil you consume, the merrier, but on the premises that your body is able to adapt well to coconut oil's "side effects".

  2. How long will it take to see results ? I'm on a diet I go to the gym 6 times a week and I take 6 teaspoons a day and I wieght 131 how many teaspoons do you recommend for me ? I can go more if I can

    • Hi Esmeralda, I can't give a specific timeline on when you'll get to see results. Based on the info you gave, your fat mass should start reducing within a week and thereafter, but how much I can't promise since I don't know how long you'll be working out at the gym even though 6 times a week.

      You should take as much coconut oil as you can for better performance. If your aim is solely weight loss, then try MCT oil or MCT powder. These 2 products carry only medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that can dramatically boost your metabolism for maximum fat loss and raise your overall performance level. But beware of their potent detox effect that could trigger diarrhea-like symptoms. That said, always take them with food and start slow until your body can fully adapt to the effect and then increase to as much as your body can take.

      Keep in mind that muscle is denser than fat. So the build-up of your muscles could constitute most part of your weight. Honestly, 131 lbs (not kg, right?) seems like a good fit for a regular gymmer. Don't get too obsessed with losing weight.

      • I just want to lose 12 pounds . But I work out on my stomach or take a walk ... I at least take 5 table spook s per day . Hopefully I get results I feel slimmer and I just have a week and two days and I'm on a diet also but thanks for answering back I appreciate it 🙂

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